Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sour Grapes


The bottle of Chardonnay I opened tonight tastes like sour grapes.

Well, sour grapes mixed with sweaty feet.

Actually, sour grapes mixed with sweaty feet and wrapped in a used bandaid.

And then set aflame using nail polish remover as an accelerant.

I took a sip and wanted to die but being that it wasn't one of my cheaper bottles and I had so been looking forward to opening it I did the logical thing. What is the logical thing, you might ask? Well if you guessed mixing the foul wine with seltzer water and ice in an attempt to make it into a spritza you would be right.

However you will be interested to know that something disgusting + a bunch of seltzer water= a more diluted and much larger amount of something disgusting.

Who knew?


Kimba Rimba said...

One thing I use to mello Chardo is Diet Sprite, not bad!

LooLoo said...

ohhhhh I just had something similar happen, there isn't anything worst then getting an aftertaste like band aids or sweaty wet sneaker.

I just drank a lot. please excuse me while i drunk comment

Sarah said...

haha this is me commenting with a hangover as big as a house. damn you absinthe! why did i think you would be fun last night?

Nicky said...

They say if you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it. I think, in this case, that saying goes the other way too. Ick. Nothing is worse than a skunked bottle of wine. I can't believe you tried to rescue it. Brave girl!

Libby said...

Your place looks very sparkly and festive! You've inspired me to pop Elf in my DVD player, thanks!

The next time there's something wrong with the bottle I would try brining it back- particularly if it wasn't a cheap bottle.