Friday, November 23, 2007

The Aftermath

After waking up from a food induced coma around 11AM this morning - Adam and I set to work getting the apartment ready for the Christmas season. This is the first time in five years that I have not had to work the day after Thanksgiving! Can you imagine the excitement!? Because five years ago I was still in college and didn't yet understand the world of real life and so tended to take my Days After Thanksgiving for granted. No more though. This is the bomb.

In any case after hours of cleaning, reorganizing, packing away the fall decorations and unpacking the Christmas decorations (this is what the day after Thanksgiving is about, no? At least for those of us who would rather stick a fork in our eye than step into a mall on this Black Friday) and I think our work paid off. The apartment is sparking clean and you know, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

The kitchen table (including centerpiece cum fabulous vintage martini set recieved as a gift from Andy a few years ago, stuffed with tinsil and bedecked with christmas lights)

Next to the stove.

Another corner of the kitchen.

Bathroom floor.

Also hanging out in the bathroom.

Coffee Table.

Top of the TV.

And we having even hung up all the lights yet. This is just the beginning, folks. Christmas doesn't just visit this apartment. It vomits all over it! (In a pleasant way, I assure you)

And now if you will excuse me I am going to settle in with one of these

(prosecco + chambord)

and enjoy a viewing of Elf with Adam in our newly festive living room. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...


Hehe...I have Elf coming from Netflix today. I am sooo loving it.

Lys said...

Looks great!

I must know - where did you get those glasses??

Sarah said...

Thanks Amanda! I LOVE that movie.

And Lys - Crate and Barrel of course!

Suz said...

Decorations look great! I spent yesterday watching every lame Christmas move the Family Channel had to offer, now I"m really in the spirit!

Andy said...

That martini set is HOTT!

<3 u.