Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Totally Starting a Band Called Throbbing Thumbs

Since I was doing so well growing out my nails, it will come as no shock to you that I bit most of them off on Saturday for no reason other than I was bored. And my right thumbnail reacted to being savaged in this way by tearing just below the point where it feels okay. So it felt and still feels like my thumb is aflame and I now know why my mom takes the dog’s nails to be professionally living thing should have to endure the pain of having your nail clipped (or bitten, as it were) too close to the quick.

As a result, if I even think about my thumb it starts to throb and if I MOVE it it feels like it's going to fall off and there is really nothing that can be done about the nail grows out a bit (and until I learn to stop biting my nails). Having a throbbing thumb becomes even more of a problem when it’s on the hand that you write with. Do you know how much you use your thumb for writing? It turns out QUITE A LOT.

(P.S. I know what you are thinking “Handwriting? Pfffft” But if every time you wrote, your thumb felt like its being severed at the tip you would notice that you probably write more than you think you do on a daily basis)

In any case for the time being I have had to reconfigure my pen-holding hand position so that writing puts as little pressure as possible on my thumb. Though this makes me like a little ungainly (like, say, a left handed person OH SHNAP I said it), it does wonders for my handwriting!

In general I think I have okay handwriting. A little girly perhaps, but overall neat and evenly spaced. This knew quasi-thumbless script though? Super Hot. Kind of slanty. Still girly but with an edge. Devil-may-care but still neat at the same time. I sort of have this all capital letters thing going on that I am into.

I tell you, when my thumb is healed I will be sad to see this slightly serial killer-esque side of my otherwise mundane handwriting. Kind of the equivalent of missing your “sexy” voice after suffering from a throat ailment. Only in this case it's sexy handwriting.

Maybe I should get a jump on those Christmas cards now while I still have it.


San said...

Ouch. I know how that feels.

And yes, you should definitely start the Christmas Card writing... and send me one, too. I want to see this great new handwriting :)
I promise I'll send you one in return :)

Caity said...

SEXY PHLEGM! Oh, Pheobe.

Hope your thumb feels better.

Sarah said...

Well all things in life relate either to Friends or Sex in the City, right?

San email me your address and I will definitely send you a card!

Lys said...

Awww..Sarah that sux but hey - new handwriting can be a bonus, right - something out of the norm. What does that mean for your MSPaint skills??

Randall said...

Ouch! You'll just have to grip your pen with your entire hand like a four year old.

hello darling (formerly hello sunshine!) said...

I totally feel you. I'm rockin' a massive hangnail wound on my right pointer finger. OWWWWW.