Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's Raining Memes

Kind of on the heels of my Wiki-How post, and after seeing Stacey’s blog this morning I thought it would be fun to start a meme. But not just any kind of meme, an informative and helpful meme (not that knowing the last time some random Internet person has sex or what color their toothbrush is ISN’T interesting and helpful). But after thinking about this for, oh, a minute I think it will be fun.

SO the meme is as follows: list five things you are good at and five things you are not so good at. And as a bonus – list a random how-to relevant to something you are good at. If it’s taking photos maybe include a quickie photo tip, or if you excel at finding bargains – fill us in on a must-go shopping website.

These examinations into one’s abilities are always so revealing, don’t you agree? It’s always nice to reassess your skills and weaknesses at times other than sweaty-palmed Annual Reviews.
(Or maybe you are just bored and have nothing better to do!)

Five Things I Am Good At

1) Planning and executing fabulous meals (I didn’t just want to say “cooking” because I still have a lot to learn! But I am pretty good at finding great recipes and preparing them with minimal bodily or property damage)
2) Getting people to talk who don’t like to/are shy. I can make small talk with a footstool if need be. And once I did after a long night of Mezcal shots but that is a story for another time.
3) Trying new things – While I am comforted by the familiar I am psyched about the unknown.
4) Painting my nails – I have been doing it for so long I can do an effortless and basically flawless manicure (including base coat, polish, and topcoat) while talking on the phone and watching law and order. And by talking on the phone I mean talking on AIM, the phone sucks.
5) MS Paint haiku/cartoons. You have seen my work, right?

Five Things I am Bad At

1) Grammar. For a former English major, I have incredibly poor grammatical skills. I get stressed when asked if a comma or semi colon is appropriate.
2) Following through. I have a million good ideas and follow through with about 5% of them.
3) NOT being judgemental. For an open minded person, I tend to judge awfully quickly. But at least I change my mind on a dime. Literally. Pay me ten cents and I will like you..
4) Sudoku. I don’t get it.
5) Knitting. I can’t purl!! And that makes for some boring looking scarves, believe you me.

Tip Time

If you want to give yourself an at home manicure. There are two things to remember:
1) Use the brush to paint one stripe of color down the middle, and then one stripe right on either side of the middle stripe.. Do two coats. It doesn’t matter if the polish doesn’t touch the sides of your nail – no one will be able to notice and it will look uniform and professional
2) OPI Top Coat is your best friend. You can use whatever nail polish you want but for the top coat don’t skimp – it will last at least 4-5 days. More if you don’t do dishes every damn day.

I am not going to tag anyone, which I know is no fun but anyone who reads it and wants to get in on it, please do and then tell me about it so I can go see what you are awesome and and suck at and maybe learn something too.


LooLoo said...

Done! We are MS paint kindred spirits.

Meg said...

What a great idea - this one will take some thought, but I'm all over it.

tulipmom said...

I have always envied people who can do their own nails and have it look like they got a manicure. I'll have to try the Opi Top Coat. I've used Seche Vite in the past and my nails never last more than a day or two. Thanks for the tips!

Sarah said...

definitely dont use fast drying top coats (a lesson i learne3d the hard way!)...just beacuse the top layer is dry doesn't mean the ones underneath are. as long as you sit and let it a regular top coat dry without touching anything for at least a good 15 minutes it will last longer than a day or two:-)

Melissa said...

I might do this when I have a little more time!

I am awesome at painting nails also, and I suck at sudoku, we have some stuff in common!

Anonymous said...

things i'm good at
1. gchat
2. finding the perfect someecard
3. drinking
4. petting falcour
5. sleeping

things i'm not good at
1. spelling
2. waking up
3. cooking
4. speaking
5. being nice

a tip: cigarette hangovers exist.

Sarah said...

danielle that is a great tip!

Libby said...

I cannot do Sudoku. At all. I've never managed to complete even one of those evil little boxed puzzles.

Nicky said...

Sudoku is SO fun!!! I'm stupid at math, but it really has zero to do with math at all. It's just an extremely easy process of elimination game. You should definitely try it. You'll feel smarter (even if it doesn't help your IQ at all in reality).

Sarah said...

oh i have tried it a few times! i just think it's so boring i can't focus on it at all. its just not my thing. :-P

Vicki said...

This is a refreshingly fun meme!

I usually just lurk (and umm, sorry about that), but I never knew you even tried knitting. I felt it incumbent on me to share:

How to Purl

The rest of that site has videos explaining everything you could ever need to know about knitting, and if anyone could put together some fabulous scarves, I think it'd be you.

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to do this one eventually....

I can do a decent at home mani when I have the patience to take my time (which is rare). My problem is that I actually DO wash dishes every day (or almost). Someday, however, I WILL have a dishwasher and then I'll be all over it.

Libby said...

I did your meme this morning. :)

eileen said...

Thanks for the nail painting tip. Now I need a tip on how to resist the urge to do thins with my hands while my nails are drying.

See you at Blogtoberfest!

Jenn said...

I just did your meme. Fun! Thanks!

eileen said...

thins = things

Bad at...proofreading.

Sarah said...

Aw I didn't even notice so I guess I can add proofreading to my list of what I am bad at, too! Or maybe optimistically speaking I could add "oblivion" to things I am good at?

Lys said...

Ok, since my brain is fried today (and when you venture over to the blog and shoot me), you will see why. However, I will have my answers up Friday. (Bad at: Procrastination is my specialty sometimes).

homedaisy said...

i'm going to do it. loved your list thanks for the nail painting tips :) i am so with you on your can't list. especially 2 and 3.

Anonymous said...

If you don't read it already, you should definitely check out Real Simple magazine! I was flipping through the November issue last night and they have several pages listing tips for wine tasting parties, so I thought of you. They also usually include some great recipes in there that you might be interested in. :-)

Oh, and I finally did the meme this morning.