Friday, October 26, 2007

Blogtoberfest Recap!

When I arrived at the Pour House and was talking to Jenny and her lovely coworker Amber, a woman asked "What kind of party is this" and as the other girls began to explain it was a meetup for local bloggers, I turned and said "It's an event celebrating internet hotness"

And was it EVER.

So much fun last night! Jenny did a wonderful job getting together a great bunch of bloggers, a fabulous list of sponsors who provided some to die for prizes and free food for all! As was my downfall last year, I spent my time more chatting with a core group (mostly my blog girls) and I don't feel like I networked as much as I should have but I think I did more than last year so maybe by the time the next blog event rolls around (which will be sooner than you think thanks to Jenny's mad planning skillz), I will make it all the way around the room.

I started off the night chatting with the divine Ulli and fabulous friend from home Caity and we were later joined by my cousin Anna. I met Nathan also for the second time (under a SECRET blog name!) and he was friendly and fun as always. I was psyched to finally meet Eileen whose blog I love and who is also so friendly and nice and awesome! AND meeting Adam and Ron from Universal Hub was a treat to say the least! I think it's safe to say Mr G. was the toast of the party!

Tom and his lovely girlfriend Samantha were also so fun to talk to, so much so that I threatened to invite them to my annual Christmas party. And when my perennial favorites E. and Krista showed up I was so excited I knocked over my drink.

The night went on from there - lots of blogossip and shenanigans and inappropriateness. I got the hiccups SO BAD (as I am wont to do from time to time) and could not get rid of them no matter what I did. Krista, Ulli and Caity tried to help me but it was to no avail. SO when they finally randomly stopped on there own I of course ordered a round of tequila shots for us all because how else does one celebrate the cessation of hiccups?

(Krista, Me, Caity, Ulli and Jenny - pre shot! (photo stolen from Ulli)

This morning I am feeling that shot (and the wine and the G&Ts) but it was a well worth it and I have a half day today at work so whatevs.

In conclusion, Jenny did a superb job with this event and we all can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for the next Blog Party!! And if I met you and neglected to mention it, it's not because you weren't awesome but because cheap gin clouds the mind!


Me said...

I a hungover but still manage to blog with photos.

That's something...and you may steal my photo. All good.

Sarah said...

i didn't take any photos so i will have to scavenge from others!! thanks girl :-)

kim said...

it sounds SO great! stupid distance between germany and boston *pouts* i'm glad to hear it was such a good time again, though!

so that upcoming event jenny is planning is it anything in california in november by any chance? *prettyplease* :)

LooLoo said...

Dude. 15 minutes to find my car! I am such a dumb ass. Had so much fun though!

I'll go over with E some dates for cobbles and we'll make a date fo sho. No slacking on getting together this year!

Me said...
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Me said...

My former fabulous roommate who is visiting just said

"You need vitamin G"

"What's G" I ask.


Off to breakfast.

eileen said...

Woooo! It was great meeting you as well!

And my boss is away so I slept in and am still at home.

Oh, I meant to ask you this last night but kept forgetting- have you thought about writing a cookbook? Because you totally should.

A said...

Jealous. SO JEALOUS.

Can Jenny plan one for So Cal... and then all you guys come out here?!

Jeff Cutler said...

Thanks for saying I was awesome. We met ever so briefly, and I feel your non-network blues.

I don't feel your tequila blues because I wandered down Newbury Street after being overserved at the Pour House and gobbled some sushi at Shino until I sobered up.

Good work. Great crowd. More mingling and SLIGHTLY less drinking in February.

Jeff - Bowl of Cheese dot com

mance01 said...

What? Nothing about your Blogtoberfest sexual assault at the hands of Ulli? :-p

Sarah said...

as good a story as that would be, i believe that in some ways What Happens at Blogtoberfest, Stays at Blogtoberfest.