Friday, September 28, 2007

The Best Feeling In The World

Is it love?

Is it security?

Nope, it’s NOT being hungover.

This time last week, I was miserable. I had been out at Trivia the night before and then when Decision Making time came, I made the wrong one.


You know the decision of which I speak.

You go out at a reasonable hour. It’s 10PM and some people are calling it a night, and some people are keeping the party going at another bar, say, a bar that has awesome karaoke on Thursday nights. Even though you know should go home and go to bed, that would be the smart thing to do, you instead think “Oh I will just go and have one drink, maybe sing one song and be home by 10:30."

And then one drinks turns into more than one. And one song turns into three. And then the people you went to that bar with go home and you and your boyfriend are like “LET’S JUST DO ONE MORE SONG! PLEASE MR DJ PLAY “OLD SCHOOL “ BY STEELY DAN.

Ah, idiots.

And I paid for it hardcore on Friday. Not only was I suffering from a wretched abomination of a hangover , but I had to do manual labor in the morning. Well, they call it “Archiving” but it’s realty just a professional sounding way of saying “organize a bunch of heavy boxes”. Seriously when I think about how I felt at 8:30 last Friday at 9AM and how I feel today at 9AM how can I help but realize that this is the best feeling in the world.

In fact, I think I feel better physically today than I would have had I not been hungover last Friday because I appreciate not having a head filled with nails and a mouth full of cotton that much more.

And that is what’s called looking at the glass as half full.

(Half full of gin that is.)

And speaking of hangovers, I want to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good friend Danielle, who always knows the right thing to say when I g-chat her and say "Ugh I am so hungover!".

Happy Birthday, girl!


A said...

1. I used the Sarcastic Thumbs Up this morning. It was towards a woman who honked at me, because apparently (I'm new to this), APPARENTLY, I'm supposed to plow through a row of cars to make my left turn, if it's taking too long to make said left turn. She almost got out of her car and punched me.

2. I feel today like you felt last week. Thank god for breakfast burritos.

Reese said...

Two words: B. Twelve.

I take one B-12 vitamin supplement before I start drinking. In the morning, I'm ready to go sans the hangover :)

Sarah said...

a yes. i feel the same way about Wendy's #6.

Nicky said...

You know what's worse than going out on a weeknight? NOT going out on a weeknight.
As a birthday gift, PJ had bought tickets for us to go to the theater the day after my b-day (I was DYING to go to the NH taping of NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Yeah. Me = total geek). Only, we both TOTALLY forgot about it last night. PJ hurt his back, and had a dr's appointment. Between that, and the fact that I am up to my eyeballs in homework, it wasn't on my mind either. My mom wrote me this morning saying, "How was the show?" Realizing our blunder and how much money we're now out (all for nothing) I burst into tears at work. So, go out. Have the extra drink. Pay for it the next day. I have now officially had a shitty birthday week. And I'm pissed at myself (and PJ)!

Libby said...

You can rationalize pretty much anything pretty much better than anybody! God, I love you for that! :)

Kimba Rimba said...

I was NOT a fan of 9am this am.

You are tooo funny!!!!

Kerry said...

Every time I am hung over I vow to never drink again... it's the worst isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

ohhh thanks love. i can't wait for you to tell me how hungover you are tomorrow. i'll be seeing you very shortly and i'm so excited for it.

<3 danielle, the new 27 year old.

Rebecca said...

I had that "ugh, why did I decide to have that extra glass of wine" feeling Friday morning. I hosted a wine class/party on Newbury Thursday night and then proceeded to go for dinner and, um - drink more.

So last night, at a party I was at, I opted to drink water. And man, am I lovin' that decision this morning! I hear ya sister!