Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dragon Hands Strikes Again

So you may have noticed that I like to cook.

Actually I LOVE to cook.

And it's not neccesarily because I am really looking forward to eating what it is I am cooking, although more often than not that is the case, but rather cooking calms me down and relaxes me.

It makes me feel better when I am in a shitty mood.

And even when I don't feel like doing anything, I probably still feel like cooking.

Some people come home from work and go right to the gym to unwind, others delve into a good book, others probably sink into a bottle of wine (ahem!). I come home from work, usually tired and a little worn out, but the minute I have a pan in my hand and a recipe in my mind I feel better.

Is that corny? Probably. But I do have a point.

The point is, all this cooking means tons of hand washing and dish washing (we don't have a dishwasher, and don't think I haven't cried about this many a time). And all this washing means my hands are DRY AS HELL.

As in cracked dry peeling disgusting gross and nasty.

And I use moisterizer all the time. EVERY DAY SEVERAL TIMES A DAY.

So explain to me why my hands look like this

I look like a burn victim.

I know it's gross but you know what, we're all friends here and what is a little dead skin between friends?

It's so bad I straight up PUMICED my palms in the shower yesterday. And when you have to treat your hands like the heels of your feet you know shit is rough. Literally. It worked on the left hand but my right hand (pictured above) is still an abomination. I am keeping at it, but today when I shook hands when someone and thought I caught a grimace, I had to face facts.

Let's re assess.

I work in the CONSTRUCTION industry, an industry filled with people who use their hands all day every day doing things like drywall and roofing, and someone grimaced when they shook MY hand.

I tell you, it almost makes salmonella seem like a nicer alternative.

Until then, I can hide my condition, much like TV stars do when the actress is pregnant but the TV show character is not, with something ridiculous that makes no sense.

In this case, a star fruit.

Why not?


J said...

I have one word for you: gloves.

Yes, those yellow plastic gloves. They will change your life! Seriously, when I first lived in an apartment without a dishwasher in college, my hands got sooooo dry and cracked. My mom suggested wearing gloves to do the dishes and it makes such a difference!

kim said...

here's something you NEED TO try: glysolid skin balm. it's with glycerin and works WONDERS. promise.

my mom was a nurse so she had to wash and disinfect her hands all day. however, her hands were usually very smooth and i got the tip from her. i have really sensitive skin and sometimes i break out on my hands/fingertips from putting together dummies for a presentation from the toner of the printer and stuff like that. but this stuff is awesome!

you can use it during the day (but it does take a little bit until it's all gone) and then definitely before you go to sleep. when it's really bad you can use a lot of it and put cotton gloves on over night. your hands will be awesome in the morning...

i just saw that they have a first time customer feebie which you could try and then if you like it (and you WILL), i can always ship you a bunch because it's WAY cheaper here. the 4 oz. is only about $3.50 so i could either ship it from here or bring it and send it from LA in november. let me know!

phew! i have to rest now after this long a*s comment... :)

Sarah said...

J thanks for that tip! I used to use use gloves but stopped because they would get moldy and I was tired of having to buy a new pair all the time but I think you are right and I should get back into that.

Kim thanks so much!! My mom is also a nurse and tends to have dragon hands as well. I will definitely check that out.

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

I do not have a dishwasher. I am constantly doing dishes and my best advice is rubber gloves.

My other tip is try some Mary Kay Satin Hands (I am not normally a Mary Kay buff). For $30.00 your hands will feel just as soft as a baby rump.

MC said...

This is embarrassing to admit, but I get the "dragon hands" and I have a dishwasher. I use Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream in unscented and it really helps. I also sometimes wash my hands with a face scrub to get rid of the peeling.

The M Show said...

I second the vote on the gloves, you need to get ones that go up your arms so they don't get any water on the inside and get them on the large side and you won't sweat in them.

Sarah said...

ahha MC I used face scrub too before I stepped it up with the pumice. :-P

kim said...

speaking of scrub: a great way to scrub your hands is to put a small drop [maybe a teaspoon or so] of oil [whatever you got at home] and some sugar [about a tablespoon i'd say] in the palm of one hand and then scrub your hands. perfect right before you apply the glysolid and go to bed :)

Nicky said...

Your hands peel like PJ's do! Weird. He gets that way in the winter. Let me tell you, I would much prefer to peel than what happens to me when my hands get dry. This largely is how I spend my winters - it feels like the skin on my hands gets 3 sizes too small, they feel like sandpaper, and then they crack and BLEED. I look like I lost a fight with a feral cat every winter. I don't know what to tell you, honey, I've tried everything under the sun (including slathering my hands in lotion and vitamin E oil, slapping on gloves, and going to bed) and nothing seems to work 100% for me. Good luck!

Amanda* said...

Athena's makes an excellent hand scrub with lovely oils and whatnots, but someone above mentioned using oil and sugar as a scrub and I suspect that would work just as well (and be more cost effective).

And dude, construction, yeah. I just copied a binder for someone that was so dirty (the binder, not the person) that I think I need to go home to shower and come back later. The pages were so dirty the copy machine didn't even want to copy them, I had to feed it one page at a time. Blech. (not at all related to dragon hands, but I had to share my trauma)

LooLoo said...

Gloves and Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme via Burts sassy bees!

Amy said...

Maybe this makes me a careless/materialistic person, but instead of me thinking of a way to help HEAL your hands when I read your blog today, I zeroed more in on the last part. How to hide them!! You are a seems as though you like some classic/old school styles. My vote is that you work on bringing gloves back into style. You know, how Jackie O would wear her pill box hats, large sunglasses and fancy white gloves. Some days that you are feeling a bit more dressed up, go for those cool silk gloves that go all the way up your arm (like with prom dresses). Feeling a bit more funky or casual? Wear some lace gloves a la Madonna in the 80s. There more I think about it, the more glove styles are out there. Work with Shecky's on bringing gloves back, then you can have as dragony of hands as you want and no one ever has to know!

Sarah said...

haha Amy I like how you think!
And it will probably come as no surprise to you that I love gloves.

Exhibit A, my outfit at New Years 2 years ago

I still rock those gold gloves when the mood strikes!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

I'm a day late but I have to agree with the gloves recommendation. After I had Charlotte & brought her home from the hospital, the hand washing was out of control and my hands looked like yours - so for dishes & housework I wore/wear gloves and I keep a little tub of the Body Shop Nut Butter body lotion next to the sink. That shit WORKS.

Anonymous said...

If you're using palmolive switch right now-it's the only soap that does exactly that to my hands for some strange reason.