Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My apartment's parking lot is abound with mysteries!

You will remember the recent Case of the Potential Parking Prostitute which I solved by blatantly taking down her license plate number and shooting her the "No BJs Allowed, Not On My Watch" death stare. Well now we have another case to solve.

The Case of the Seemingly Abandoned Scion That's Alarm Goes Off Almost Every Day/Night At Annoying Times.

Now, as far as I know, no one new has moved into our building in the past month. But there has been a rather boxy and mostly permanent new addition to the parking lot - A navy blue Scion XB.

I have no idea to whom this car belongs. The first week it was here it was in the same parking spot the entire time, never moved, and I never saw the owner of it. I began to think that it was an abandoned vehicle until the oh so charming and melodious strains of it's car alarm began bleating one weeknight at 11PM. It went on for a minute and then stopped. A quick check out the window revealed it was still there which I deduced to mean someone who owned it lived in our building and had shut the alarm off.

Hey, I told you I was clever.

So knowing that it belonged to someone I decided not to care so much about it and went on about life.

Until a few nights later when the same alarm went off. At midnight.

And then a few days later at 6AM.

And that night again.

And so on.

I am telling you, I am at the point where every time I hear that dastardly beeping I HOPE so hard that some benevolent thief is ridding us of the nuisance.

But no such luck.

Besides the fact that I thought the sheer boxy ugliness of Scions was deterrent enough to thieves, why does this alarm go off EVERY DAY?

In any case today as I went out to my car, having been awoken early by my favorite outdoor alarm clock, I decided to peer into the windows of the car and gain some insight into the owner's psyche. Why will this person not fix their alarm! Are they not also annoyed to be woken up all the time by it? Who ARE they?

My only clues so far are a box of tampons in the back seat, and an opened bag of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Raisin bread on the passenger seat.

So either the owner is a women, or a man who is not scared of tampons. Hmmm.

And they have very good taste in snacks (that bread is gooooood).

Unfortunately this evidence is not enough for me to discover the identity of the perpetrator. Stay tuned for the next installment of Sarah: Parking Lot Patrol.


Ladybug's Picnic said...

HAHAHAHA a Scion! Maybe have it towed out of its (and your) misery?

Also? That bread IS good.

Jenny said...

Hilarious post, super annoying situation!

Be sure to keep us updated.

Lys said...

This was quite the shot in the arm for a Wednesday morning *LOL*

As for the Scion.. egads! The alarm itself will drive someone nuts. We have a somewhat similar situation but in our case it's police sirens for 20 minutes that go off every so often from one of the 3 parked cruisers in the lot.. *LOL* Can you imagine that dispatch call

Wonder if you could write a ticket for the scion's alarm...

Sarah said...

Update: Adam has deduced that the alarm might be so sensitive that it's tripped by the acorns that have been falling from the trees that hang over the parking lot. If that's the case, it's going to be a LOOOONG autumn.

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

Sarah: Parking Lot Patrol, isn't that on right before Law & Order SVU this fall? :)

Caity said...

Hmm... based on the tampons: perhaps it's a girl who is dating someone in your building. It could be a fairly new relationship and maybe she's embarassed to keep tampons at his place. As for the bread... give me some more time. It's gotta be more challenging than her not wanting to eat carbs in front of him yet.

The M Show said...

At 2am cranky old man says: "Mr. Brick, meet Mr. Window"

MC said...

We had a similar issue at my sorority house, but with a yellow Chevy Sun-n-Fun. This girl "lived" in the house and parked her car in a prime spot the first week of classes and then moved in with her boyfriend, leaving the car to sit for months. We tried to gather enough people to pick it up and move it, but it didn't quite work.