Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Isn't This Just Swell?

So, in an interesting turn of events Adam's surgeon cancelled his surgery.

The reasons are as follows:

1) His ankle is still too swollen (Although it is MUCH less swollen than it was when he was in the hospital and he has kept it elevated and I change the ice every 3-4 hours around the clock so really? What else can we do?)
2) One of his pin sites may be infected (Odd, oui? Considering that we have had a nurse coming to the apartment every day to change his dressings? One may have thought this is something she would have noticed.)

So in my usual graceful way I threw a shit fit at work when Adam called me to tell me (his dad brought him to the appointment) the news because in all honesty that external fixator is the worst. But it will remain with us. So now he has to be on his back for at least one more week (they won't even schedule the surgery until the doctor sees him next Wednesday), basically immobile on pain meds that make him ill and I shall retain my post as apres-work and weekend nurse. I am happy to help Adam of course as much as I possibly can, but another week of this? Seriously?

We are both PO'd.

I asked you to send beer and porn for Adam last week. This week I ask you to send wine and DVDs of Antiques Roadshow for me.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Sarah - you are a kind and wonderful girlfriend and trouper - he is lucky to have you and I am certain he knows it. I am sending my thoughts your way (along with some merlot and DVD's). I hope his infection clears soon.

P.S. You sure YOU don't need the porn???

Grace said...

I have all the episodes of Antiques Roadshow Tivoed. I've been addicted to that show for years. If I had one of those fancy smancy DVD recorder things, I'd totally send you a AR care package.

Reese said...

I love love love my wine and typically don't (won't?) share. But in *your* case, I'll ship you a case from CA!

Hang in there. Really. It has to get better...?

Erin said...

I've read a little about external fixators and have learned that they are very prone to infection. You should check to make sure none of the pin sites are hot, inflamed or red... if so, I would get Adam to a doc PDQ. I'll be praying that he gets well soon!

Good thoughts,

Anonymous said...

I read frequently, post never. For years. I hope everything is well.

Sarah said...

yeah they are prone to that and i check them all the time, and a nurse comes and checks them once a day. what's odd about it is the actual pin site looks fine, there is a lot of inflammation about an inch away from it but that is also the location of his pulverized ankle bone so i think we all assumed that the swelling was from that. live and learn! thanks everyone for the support, i love it.