Friday, April 20, 2007

Fashion Challenge #3

I am feeling a little saucy today so I figured let's bust out a Fashion Challenge Friday!!

This one I have to admit is partially inspired by my faux Furstenberg find yesterday, and is either really easy or quite difficult, depending on how creative/motivated you feel. I challenge you to find an expensive designer outfit and recreate it for under $100. You can find the outfits on websites like or, and you can recreate them in anyway you can as long as the grand total comes in at $100 or less.

I chose one of my favorite actresses (for her work on Law and Order mostly, although how can one forget "Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story"), Angie Harmon. Here she is listed as one of Vougue's "Best Dressed" and wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress at a function in Beverly Hills.


And I recreated her outfit by finding a darling summery dress at Forever 21 ($37.80), this cropped cardigan from Target ($13.99), and these adorable Mootsie Tootsie sandals ($39.99)The

The total? A cool $91.78. Not too shabby!

If you're up for the challenge let me know so I can post a link to your hard work and check it out! Check out fashion blogger champs Lys , Jenny ,Reese , Libby and Primp My Ride!

Also on the style tip: Boston area fashionistas check out Stylefixx which is coming to Boston for one night only on Thursday May 10th at the Cyclorama in the South End. Lots of free cocktails, lots of shopping involving lots of cool designers (local and beyond), lots of freebies and you can get tickets for $20 but that's a special deal that ends today. Jenny and I already got ours so hopefully we will see some of you there!


Lys said...

Y'all always have the great events in Boston - *sigh* Ok... I'll get off my "OTown has NADA Soapbox!"

OK - Challenge is complete! Now that I'm virtually shopped out - I'm in dire need of a cocktail! *LOL*

Jenny said...

My first Fashion Challenge is complete! It was HARD and I don't think I did very well. Perhaps I will get better the more I do.

I definitely need a beer at Fenway tonight!

Hope Adam is doing well!

P.S. Bought my tix for the StyleFixx Girls' Night Out - see you there! :)

Sarah said...

yaaay! great job girls!!

Reese said...

I did it! I did it!

Of course, I didn't get any work done. But, hey - I did a challenge.

Yay me :)

Libby said...

This was WAY more difficult than I thought it would be! It took me the entire pre-game show plus three innings of the Sox game to finish!

andy said...

I think republicans should be restricted from being in fashion challenges. Law & Order notwithstanding.

Love you! Can't wait to see you next week (shh! I'm just making an appearance!) ;-)

Reese said...

Ohhh...I've done another: Diane von Furstenberg's Thelmia. Found my DvF-inspired dress at (lace-trim dress in white) for $49 ~ minus the 40% off promo code. :)
I'll have it next Thursday!

Kerry said...

very nice green! maybe I'll try this challenge myself...

Where Productivity Goes to Die said...

Ok, so I'm a little late but I've completed the challenge. This one was definitely more difficult...