Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Living in Sin With a Safety Pin

I have found the latest best thing ever, there, amongst the sewing goods at CVS

Black and White safety pins!!

As anyone who has breasts and wears wrap-style dresses or tops will tell you, a spare cache of safety pins is a must because when you leave for work you may look like a classy young lady but when you arrive you will realize, lo! your breasts are out!

But nothing says "Lookie here!" than a the sparkling glint of a safety pin you thought was tucked in but is in fact emblazoned across the middle of your chest like a small metallic Post-It flag.

But a black safety pin? That's just the solution the world has been waiting for!!

Or at least it's better than trying to staple your shirt to your bra.

Not that I have done that.


E said...

Now if only they'd make one in khaki I'd be all set. That's genius. I'll be hitting up CVS tonight.

Jewels said...

no cvs in canada...what's a girl to do??? That's the main reason why wrapped shirts/dresses don't work for me...the whole world does not need to see the girls :)

Next time I'm in the states, definitely...CVS...I will remember!!!

RED said...

And to think I'm wearing a black wrap dress today, I could use a pin, I'm not indecent or anything, but there's a LOT more 'bright camisole' exposed then I was expecting. Great find!!

Anonymous said...

Not that this has to do with anything you said but, wasn't there a song from the 80's or the 90's with that line in it, "living in sin with a safety pin'? Or am I just being stupid?

Sarah said...

It's from the Drew Carey show theme song!
Cleveland Rocks!

san said...

Comment to your last sentence... I thought you had ;)

Lys said...

Wait a minute - black safety pins?? No more glimmers of silver needed. I need to visit CVS more often...