Monday, March 05, 2007

It's Times Like This I Wish My Office Had A Bloody Mary Bar

Here's an awesome way to start off the day.

1)Pick up your office phone to make a call
2)Have a spasm and drop the phone and somehow end up throwing the phone, as you drop it, at your own head really kind of hard.
3) Consider yourself to concussed to do any further work at least until you have one more cup of coffee.

Welcome to Monday!!

At least I have dinner at Upstairs on the Square tonight with some girlfriends to look forward to!

If you haven't already made dinner reservations for Restaurant Week, do it now. Altthough many places are booked through the week, there are always last minute cancellations/random openings. And if you were thinking of making Friday night dinner reservations at Harvest (which is booked solid, and which is a lovely dining establishment) let me know because I have reservations for two at a decent hour that I won't be using (bcause Adam likes Artie Lange more than he likes me!)*

*Although we are going out to Bonfire on Tuesday I let it slide. You win this time, Mr. Lange


Jenny said...

I'll take the reservation for Harvest if it's still up for grabs! :)

Sarah said...

sure, email me for deets!

jaynie said...

i also *just* cancelled my reservation at Mantra for tomorrow at 7 if anyone wants to snag it.

i don't even know if mantra fills up, but...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention of UpStairs on the Square and the posting of the picture of our Monday Club Bar. Be sure to say hi to our manager Matt Lishansky tonight, who will have a little special surprise for you at the end of your meal. And have a good time!
-Mary-Catherine, Co-Owner, UpStairs on the Square

Sarah said...

Mary-Catherine - Thanks so much for our lovely surprise last night! (And thanks to Matt too!) It was the perfect end to a perfect meal!