Friday, March 23, 2007

Flauxy Lady

There comes a time in every girl's life when you have to take a long hard look at yourself and ask "What kind of person do you want to be?".

That time came for me this week, and it was a tough question to ponder. Especially since at the time I hadn't had any coffee and I really don't like to pass judgemnets on my life without a little caffeine buzz going, you know?

In any case, after taking stock of my life thus far I have decided what kind of woman I want to be.

The kind of woman who wears fabulous "say something" jewlery.

I have been in such a rut lately, wearing the same necklace, same topaz ring, same silver beaded bracelet and earring combo pretty much every day and every night. I feel boring. I have mentioned before here that since I tend to wear a lot of black and dark, solid colors, I have to rely on my handbag/shoe combo to keep me looking alive. But I have been completely ignoring the way a chunky necklace in a vibrant color can totally change a look. Or the way one single huge cocktail ring can take a black dress from boring to chic.

I would like to thank Shecky's Girls Night Out for opening my eyes. Last night I attended the shopping festivities with Andy and Jenny and we spent most of the night poring over the wares of the dozens of jewelry designers who were working the event. We saw snazzy glass pearl beaded necklaces in tiffany blue and coral, we saw shimmering swarovski crystal bedecked earrings, glittering cloisenne pendants and delicate gold filagree bracelets.

It was a lot to take in.

In the end, and after dragging Jenny and Andy to every jewlery table in the Cyclorama TWICE, they helped me choose this necklace from the new love of my life jewelry designer Flauxy to begin my new life as a Wearer of Fabulous Jewlery.

It looks fabulous with my array of black dresses (especially my black strapless) and works with my hair up OR down. I love it because it manages to be elegant and unusual at the same time.

I'm still examining my wardrobe to see what else I can wear with it, and since I have the day off from work I will be hitting the local antique shops looking for some more say something pieces to add to my collection/ new outlook on life.


Princess Extrordinaire said...

Now THAT"S a statement! Nice necklace - especially with the strapless. Thaks too - you've inspired me to remove my ever-so-constant necklace and put a new one on!

E said...

Sorry we missed you guys last night. I was just thinking to myself this morning (as a fellow wearer of lots of black and solid colors) that I wanted to wear fabulous accessories, too. So I donned the necklace I bought at Girls Night Out and went on my way.

Sarah said...

i'm sad we missed you guys too but i'm glad you ended up with a fab necklace!! take a pic!

Me said...

Girl! I was there TOO! WHAT UP! We totally missed each other!

ECS said...

I had that realization recently too, and my solution is this line. Their stuff is gorgeous and they have great service if something breaks. Plus, it's designed by a friend of a friend.

Sarah said...

wow she has some gorgeous pieces! i especially love the flower looking earrings.

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Jewels said...

ahhhh to live in a city where antique shops don't have crap. Good luck in the hunt for the uniqueness!!!

That necklace does look stunning.

Princess Extrordinaire said...

By the way, cute new header :)

Sarah said...

thanks girls!