Friday, January 12, 2007

It's okay to be a hyprocrite as long as you admit it, right?

As an confessed NON baseball fan, I was pretty disgusted by the amount paid for Daisuke Matsuzaka. I don't know anything about him (but since when do you have to know about something to have an opinion about it?), but when they were splashing all over the news how much money was exchanged and going on and on about it, I felt physically ill at what I percieved to be "a dusgusting amount of money that could be better used in SO many other ways", and told Adam so ALL THE TIME.

He was psyched.

And then yesterday, I was listening to the news and when they started talking about sports I, as usual, turned away and started doing something else. My ears perked up when I heard them mention David Beckham though, so I stuck around and heard about this, his tremendous insane $250 million contract to come play for the LA Galaxy.

And I was psyched.

"I love him! Now we'll see him all the time", I told Adam. "And we'll see so much more of Posh Spice. I heard she and Jennifer Lopez are starting a lingerie company together". Thus cementing my fate as worst sports girlfriend of all time.

"How can you be into this but pissed about Matsuzaka? It's a much more disgusting amount of money, much more than anyone in the league ever has made or ever will make by A LOT".

"Yeah, but have you SEEN David Beckham?"

Case in point. Being indignant about overpaid pro athletes aside, look at him!



jenny said...

thank you for that friday morning eye candy. delicious.

Anonymous said...

Now this is a great way to start a Friday, ya think?

MarisaJosephine said...

totally hot! sizzle!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I had pretty much the same conversation this morning! David Beckham is HOT. They probably pay him just because he's HOT. I'm sure tons of women out there now have a very acute interest in soccer :)

Guys just don't get it, do they?

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful, but so so dumb!

Anonymous said...

i was discussing this last night. did you know that part of the 250 mil is from doing advertisements and sponsership stuff? also, if the amount of people for each game does not go up x amount (some percentage i do not know), then he doesn't see a certain amount of money. granted, he's still getting paid a retarded amount of money, but it's not necessarily gauranteed that he'll get the whole 250mil. he is hot, all soccer players are. i love going to revs games, i think this is a good thing for soccer in the US. i guess we'll have to wait and see. <3 danielle

Anonymous said...

the word i was looking for up there was endorsements. sorry i'm dumb today. :-) <3 danielle