Thursday, January 11, 2007

I have a favor to ask you guys:

If any of you have some downtime today, please go to and sign up to be a registered user! (Click HERE)

We won’t spam you, and as a registered user you will get emails a few times a week highlighting fashion, beauty and nighlife goings-on in the city of your choice, depending on what you set your preferences as, AND you will have the ability to comment on articles, hot lists, the blogs, lusts of the day, anything!! Sheckys is a fairly new website that is changing all the time and we need all the support we can get.

As of February 1st I will be handling the Nightlife Blogs as well as the Fashion and Beatuty blogs for Boston, so get signed up and them come on over and lay all your comments on me. The more the merrier!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Still think there should be a Scheky's O-Town *LOL*... but so far it's lookin' good.

Sarah said...

Lys maybe you should start one up! You are basically a one woman sheckys anyway what with your knowledge of sales & shoes and whatnot!

kim said...

i just signed up even though it'll only make me sad to get your updates and not being able to check anything out. shecky's girls night out sounds SO AWESOME. and they have it in chicago, too. well who knows, maybe i will be in the area sooner or later. C and i have been talking about boston as well but it seems to be just too expensive especially when you wanna buy a house sooner or later... :(

Anonymous said...

On it.

And I need to go to that Night Out thing this time....:)

Anonymous said...

One Woman Shecky's *LOL*

yeah - I have a bit of a shopping ummm... affection. Yeah that sounds better.

Who knows... once I'm settled, we'll see. TJ Maxx is on the agenda this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I just figured out today that the upcoming Girls Night Out is during the week I was planning on taking vacation! Is it pathetic if I change my vaca? Because I am seriously considering it... :/