Monday, January 29, 2007

It's not to much that I have a bad sense of direction, but more like I have no sense of direction interspersed with Moments of Directional Greatness. Which is to say I will be in a town and remember "Hey there is a shop/landmark/restaurant here I have always wanted to visit, but I have no idea exactly where it is other than a vague idea of what street it's on" and then, without stopping for directions of consulting a map, I find it!!

Of for every one time this happens, there are 25 times where I have clear directions to a location and still can't find it. So it goes.

Anyway I had just such a Moment of Directional Greatness this weekend. Adam and I were out and about running errands in Avon. Since we were already out (and is there any greater motivation than "already being out"? ) I decided we should try and find this candle shop in Holbrook I read an article about in the Patriot Ledger earlier that morning. Something about gel candles and aromatherapy and those kind of candles being The Best Candles Ever. Having no idea what the actual name of thise shop was, or any real sense of where Holbrook is in relation to Avon, or where this candle shop is other than somewhere on North or South Franklin (a street I was not familiar with), I reasoned that we had nothing better to do and drivign around for a while in search of sweet candles seemed like as good a way to spend the day as any. After promising Adam we could have lunch at The Snug afterwards, he readily agreed.

And so we were off.

After driving about 2 minutes I came to a nice little sign pointing me in the direction of Holbrook. About 15 minutes later, after continuing to follow the signs for Holbrook I came to North and South Franklin Street! On a whim I turned north and BAM 2 seconds later there was Essents Candle Shop (as soon as I saw the name I remembered it) and so there you have it. Even without knowing the name or real location of this place I found it within 20 minutes.

If that isn't a Moment of Directional Greatness, I don't know WHAT is.

(Of course later, on the way to Hingham Square, a place I have been to dozens and dozens of times, I took a wrong turn and ended up going 20 minutes out of my way. But that's neither here nor there)

(Incidentally, if you live in the area and are into candles, I suggest checking out Esscents Candles and Gifts (37 N. Franklin St., Holbrook). Gel candles are the wave of the future! (Not to mention pretty, and burn twice as long as wax candles) We bought the Bay Winds scented one and it is fabulous!)


Jenny said...

I have a pretty craptacular sense of direction (as does my boyfriend), so when I got a GPS as a Hanukkah gift in December, I was ecstatic! Now we don't even take directions when we go somewhere new. You should look into getting one. Mine is only $230 (which yes, is pricey, but not compared to all the other ones), but it's tiny and I think you can use it anywhere in the world. Totally worth it!

Sarah said...

thats awesome. the people i know who have GPS are in love with it, but for now I kind of like figuring out how to get where on my own. getting lost is part of the fun! (for me at least, for those riding with me? that remains to be seen) :-P

Lys said...

Somethin' about GPS is scary - if Mapquest is way off (and lately, at least here in O-Town it's been), then what does GPS use and will it direct one into a ditch? I'm just sayin'... I always prefer the tootle around and find method - who knows what gems one may uncover!

Sarah said...

exactly! but for folks who travel a lot to unfamiliar places by car i think GPS is a good deal.