Friday, December 22, 2006

One of the many perks of having a Gmail account is that you can personalize Google's home page on your computer. For instance: mine has the date and time, a few headlines from, my google calender, the horoscope of the day for Pisces and best of all, a few "How To"s of the day from Today I am privy to How To Care For a Donkey, How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, and How To Make Feta Cheese.

All good things to know.

And Every day there is a new batch of How Tos and each time my mind is blown, everything I ever wanted to know how to do is at my fingertips thanks to Google!

For instance. If I am ever in a bind and can't find a handbag, why I can just turn my bra into one thanks to these handy instructions.

Quite fetching, oui?

Or, if I had a few sim cards hanging around and was desperate for new earrings, WikiHow to the rescue !

Sometimes, I just don't know WHAT to do with all the empty bags of chips laying around. I often wished there was a way to make them into something fashionable to wear. Well today is my lucky day!

Really, the possibilites are endless. You could fashion a whole new accessory collection just from your trash bin and old undergarments.

I have a few ideas for my own WikiHows, some things I have learned in life that I think would benefit the masses. Such as "How to Open a Bottle of Wine With Only a Hanger and a Nail File". or "How To Make A Delicious Cocktail With Just Gin, Tap Water, And Condiments" In fact, I bet a lot of my friends have their own personal How-Tos that could greatly benefit the folks at Wiki How.

We should get on this.


Anonymous said...

One might wonder if the creators/writers for McGuyver are now employed by Wikihow *LOL*..

How does one open a wine bottle with only a hanger and nail file???

kim said...

that's hilarious and i'm SURE this could be a second career for you. a hanger and a nailfile? how the...? you're good, girl!

also, happy holidays :)

Sarah said...

its easy:

1: use a metal nail file to chip off about 1/3 - 1/2 of the cork

2: bend the end of a wire hanger so it is straight and use it to push the cork into the bottle.


jayniek said...

what exactly doyou mean by "condiments"?

i'm praying ketchup is not involved.

Anonymous said...

ha, so creative ;) i want to see you wear some of these things!