Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In lieu of an actually interesting post, I'm going to go with the whole "Weekend Recap" type format today.

Friday night was spent celebrating two friends' birthdays! First was drinks at 28 degrees with these good lookin' folks:

Followed by dinner down the street at Addis Red Sea . I had never had Ethiopian food before and am now pretty much obssessed with it. The tables are actually large shallow baskets, and you use bread in place of utensils.

Whatever you ordered is scooped down onto a large, table sized platter covered in flat pita-type bread. Then you pick at whatever you want. I got the lamb, but sampled some fish and a chickpea dish as well. Everything was delicious!! If you are looking for a new eating experience in Boston I highly reccomend this place.

Saturday night was spent doing last minute Christmas shopping, and then in the early evening our friends Nicky and PJ came down for the night. After a bit of shmoozing, the boys headed out to the Bruins game and the girls hunkered down in my living room to watch old movies while doing our hair and makeup, and weighing shoe and clothing options. After deciding we were looking acceptably fabulous. We headed out on the town:

And by town I mean Dorchester. We had a lovely dinner at the Ashmont Grill, and then late-night we headed over to Fuji where the saketinis and fried oyster maki were a lovely end to the evening. We were joined by our d-runk men and then all journeyed back to our apartment to watch TV/pass out.

After our guests left on Sunday, Christmas Eve, I spearheaded a much needed apartment cleaning/food shopping endeavor in preparation for the night's festivities. My parents and brother came over around 4 and we had appetizers and wine and opened gifts. My parents gave us a much desired and much LOVED 14-piece stainless steel cookware set, some gift certificates and something I never knew existed: An MP3 player with an FM tuner! I was psyched. Going for a walk/run WHILE listening to Weekend Edition, here I come! We gave my parents a gift basket we had put together of gourmet foods, biscotti, dried fruits, cheeses and wine. They were psyched as well. After they left we sat around carressing our new pots and pans for a while, and then headed over to my aunt's for her annual Christmas Eve open house. My cousin Melissa ended up recieving a karaoke machine which pretty much rocked the party all night long. Everyone sang and I mean EVERYONE and at 11PM when the party had died down, Melissa and Adam and I decided we had not had enough so we headed down to the Salt Box for some more karaoke and ushered in Christmas day singing Christmas songs into the mic.

Christmas morning, Adam and I opened gifts. I got him a bunch of clothes, some fun toiletry type stuff and beef jerkey (which I suspect was his favorite gift of all). Adam bought me some movies that proved to me he knows who I really am. I have an unhealthy obsession with the movie Showgirls. I know, I know! But I love it and I have only ever seen it on TV and if you have seen it in that format then maybe you can understand why I always felt like I was missing something, I knew there were whole parts that were cut out to make it ok for TV and I NEEDED to know what those parts are. So when Adam gave me my very own copy of Showgirls on Christmas morning, I was PSYCHED. We watched it last night and while I feel better knowing what I was missing, I also feel very, very dirty.

Anywho, he also got me an iPod which was SO fabulous and awesome of him, except as I mentioned before my parents got us one too the night before and truth be told I am only in it for the FM tuner, which the iPod doesn't have so today we are returning the iPod and going over to Tiffany's to get me something cute in a little blue box. Woo hoo!!

We spent Christmas day at his parents house in New Hampshire and had a lovely time. They were very good to us too getting us clothes and kitchen appliances and lots of fun stuff for the apartment. His sister in law is a beautician and never fails to give me a big old bag of Matrix hair stuff and OPI nail products. I tell you, it is worth get a beautician's license just to be allowed to shop at CB Sullivans. I am tempted.

In any case it was a very Merry Christmas in our household, the greatest part for me was just getting to see family that I don't always get to see, and having my parents at my place (I am notriously horrible at inviting them over), seeing PJ and Nicky and just enjoying good times with good people.

If only I didn't have to work today!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!!!

Some of those stainless sets are better than LC (but I will deny *ever* saying that *LOL*)

Anonymous said...

I am working today too! It sucks.

I had Ethiopian years ago and found it ironic that it was all-you-can-eat. My coworkers and I were discussing going for it, so we'll have to try Addis Red Sea!