Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It is officially the holiday season!

I say this because Adam and I got our tree last night! It was a bit of an adventure getting it into the apartment because last time we got a tree we lived on a garden floor apartment (euphemism) and this year we are on the third floor. There was some real "Pivot!" action entailed in getting the pine monster into our place but once there, and situated, it looks lovely and really fits the space perfectly.

That tree had some atomic sap on it though, let me tell you. I washed my hands FOUR times, with scalding hot water and the last time I even switched from hand soap to Dawn, this shizz they use to clean ducks caught in oil spills, and that didn't even work.

But I do love that Christmas tree smell. I can't imagine ever getting a fake tree, because I would miss that Christmas tree smell that kind of wafts through our whole apartment now, reminding me that I have not prepared at all for my Christmas party this weekend but making me psyched nonetheless.

I know though, that when it comes to Christmas trees it's really to each his/her own. I mean one look at the selection out there and you can't help but realize that.

For the person who prefers ghosts of Christmas trees, instead of an actual Christmas tree we have this baby.

Others, who perhaps shun the traditional pick for Christmas tree, may be more comfortable with a Christmas cactus

Of course the makers of Pepto Bismol would be pissed if didn't mention the tree they obviously invented.

And then, of course, the tree for the person who wants to feels that the holiday season goes hand in hand with experiencing an acid flashback every time you walk into the living room

Me? I'm old fashioned I guess. I like my trees green, rightside up, and of the balsam variety.

But lest you think I am too boring or untacky, I can't lie. These stockings from Pier One speak to me.


Anonymous said...

PIV-OT! PIV-OT! I'm laughing just picturing it...

Anonymous said...

haha - the Pivot thing never gets old; moving a few weeks ago, every piece of furniture we brought in we cracked ourselves up repeating it again and again. It got to the point where I'd be carrying a duffel bag and I'd hear someone yelling it out from across the room.

Love the Christmas tree smell, we're still tree-less, maybe this weekend.

Jenny said...

I totally picture Ross "P-IIIIVOT!!" & Chandler "Oh, what exactly did you mean when you said pivot?"

And although I am Jewish, I have to say that I love the Christmas tree smell and think those other 4 trees you posted are just weird (an upside-down one!?). I can understand why someone would want a fake one (cleaner, easier to setup and can be reused), but come on - a pink tree?!

Sarah said...

haha PIVOT never gets old.

i can accept that some people prefer faux trees, but I will NEVER accept the upside down tree. ever. it is an abomination.

kim said...

at least a tree bends a little bit, that couch ("PIVOT!") obviously didn't :)

C and i will be looking at trees throughout the week and probably get one by the weekend. NEVER had one this early but he's got me into the mood this year ;)

Lys said...

We've got the fake tree going on, but after the move next month - it will be retired and back to fresh trees - let's just hope the cat doesn't climb the tree to shake it down...

The stockings are gorgeous :) Pier1 will have a sale starting Dec. 11th

Sarah said...

man i love pier one.i was in there for an HOUR the other day just taking it all in.

sad, i know. but i can't help it. i could move in there.

jenny said...

my roommate has a decorating problem. it looks like santa's village threw up all over my living room. i kind of hate it. and by kind of, I mean I totally do. A lot.

But she didnt even put out cute things ... just like glittery covered candy canes and a horribly ugly stuffed santa.

Its gross.

Sarah said...

ha! unless that horrible ugly stuffed santa also FARTS then i have you beat in the fugly holiday decoration departments.

courtesy of adam, of course. i tried to do away with it and he always thwarts my plans

Anonymous said...

For the pine sap, rub your hands with peanut butter. The oil from the peanut butter emulsifies the sap (which isn't water soluble).

Then use Dawn or whatever to get the peanut butter off. (The detergent emulsifies the peanut butter, but isn't generally hydrophobic enough to emulsify sap, which is why it won't help much without the peanut butter intermediate.)

san said...

the pictures of the christmas trees are awesome... i love me a REAL christmas tree the most though. :)

enjoy the season!

Anonymous said...

your acid flashback comment threw me into a fit of laugher. that ones going in the lexicon. <3 danielle

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just came by your blog today, so saying hello from UK, North Yorkshire!

Loved the bit about the meal out! My kind of evening!