Wednesday, December 13, 2006

As I go through life, I have highs and lows in regards to the social scene.

Most days, I think I have this social thing down pat. Like this past weekend? I threw a fabulous holiday party, fit 20 people in my two bedroom apartment, we didn't run out of food or wine,, the Secret Santa went GREAT and everyone had a blast!. (Jenny took some pics here). And my major coup of the evening? Inviting our across the hall neighbor and downstairs neighbor so as to 1) foster good relations in the building and 2) make it uncomfortable for them to complain about the noise.

So, a smashing success socially speaking.

And then we have last night. After dinner I headed out to TJ Maxx to scope out some Christmas gifts (i.e. an outfit for myself to wear on Christmas Eve). I didn't think I was feeling particularly anti-social, but suddenly in the clearance dress section I spied her: Girl I Went To High School With. Now, normally this is not a big deal: I see people I went to high school with all the time. 90% of my local friends are people I went to high school with. And what's more is I was actually FRIENDS with this girl in high school. And yet suddenly I wanted nothing more than NOT to speak a word to her. I knew since I hadn't seen her in a long time, and it wouldn't be just a "Hi! How are you?" coversation but more like a "OMG, How are you? What are you doing? Where are you working? Where do you live? Where do you go? Who do you still see!?" and really I just couldn't get it up socially for that kind of exchange.

I just wanted to look through the disocunted Jones New York wrap dresses and be left alone.

So I did what any normal person would do. I hid.

Yes, I basically dove into a rack of puffy coats and pretended to be very interested in a pink one with tons of faux fur trim (What up Baby Phat? Why are you everywhere now?). I stood there for a minute and then saw out of the corner of my way that she was getting closer so I walked quickly over to the children's section, then thought better of it because what if she thought I was shopping for my child and then told people that I had kids. Why would that matter? I have no idea but it was enough to send me shuffling over to the shoes, lingering over the formal pumps.

At this point I lost sight of her and figured she probably left so I circled around to the Misses Sweaters when BAM she was right next to me, looking at the same French Connection knee length sweater that I was looking at.

I did that think were you absolutely don't look up. Because if you don't make eye contact then you don't have to talk, right? Never have I ever studied the stitching on a sweater so thoroughly. When I felt like enough time had passed that it wouldn't be obvious I was running the hell away, I went and hid out in handbags until she FINALLY left.

And then I went and paid for my purchases, smug in my victory.

My victory over social graces.


Anonymous said...

i have done that! sometimes there is just nothing worse than small talk with someone you used to know.

Nicky said...

I am really not above this behavior. I could quite possibly be Queen Hider. In fact, when I go out, I mentally "put my blinders on". I don't look at faces in a crowd. You could walk right by me and I wouldn't even know it. Which is really good if you happen to not see me, either. In your case, I probably would've left the store entirely. And I would've been walking at a speed that would make you wonder if I had left the iron on at my to a pair of highly flammable curtins.

Sarah said...

Nicky you're just a focused shopper...nothin' wrong with that!

Anonymous said...

As a rule I refuse to speak to anyone I went to high school with (other than my current close friends) unless they actively come up to me and start talking. I considering it selective bitchery, and ain't nothing wrong with that! I just got tired of the blank stares when they realize we really have nothing to say to each other.

Anonymous said...

Ah, come on... haven't we all done that at some point?
Two girls from my highschool showed up at my wedding. I didn't know how the hell they found out about it, but they just came to look and spread the word later. How pathetic are people?