Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Law of Ben

I was talking to Jenny earlier, and in the midst of our conversation I brought up my belief in what I call the Law of Ben. This law, if I may paraphrase, means that most, if not all, men who are named Ben are attractive.

Think about it. Do you know a Ben? Is he hot? He probably is.

Allow me to offer my proof. First we have the hottest Ben ever: Ben Covington

Me-ow. Right?

Next we have Ben Harper.

Also a man of great hotness.

Ben Stein

I am sure he was hot back in the day. At any rate he is funny and funny is hot in my book.

Ben(jamin) Bratt

I love you Detective Curtis

And then the man who invented hotness (and the lightening rod)
Benjamin Franklin

He was brilliant but in every picture he looks sheepish. What's hotter than a sheepish brilliant man? Um, not much.

And I myself do not consider Ben Stiller or Ben Affleck to be hot but I know many ladies (and men) probably do.

And all of the Bens I know/have known in real life have been attractive men in their own way. That way being the way of hotness.


Anonymous said...

Uh, no. My cousin is named Ben and he is NOT HOT TO ANYONE! I mean, maybe his wife, but she hit every branch down the ugly tree, so she takes what she can get, but other than her (and maybe his mom, but I'm not even sure about that) no one else on this planet would use his name and hot in the same sentence. And I'm family...I can't imagine what people on the street say about him.


Sarah said...

whew that is a rough thing to say about your cousin! in any case he is not really a Ben then. he should probs go by his middle name so as to not screw up my rule.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Oh, I definitely know a hot Ben. I worked with him in the Midwest. I met him when he was working as a newspaper reporter at the paper I started at - and he soon went on to become a police officer for said city.

Did I mention that he also looked like a young Noah Wylie?

Ben definitely made it worth coming to work every day - or, going to the police station to collect the crime reports!

Anonymous said...

ben nichols, the lead singer of Lucero. Hottest man I've ever seen in my life. ever. do i really need to sign this? ha! <3 danielle

Anonymous said...

I know a couple of hot Ben's too...and wow, that Ben(jamin) Bratt.....yummy.

san said...

Ben Stiller definitely passes as HOT because he's so freakin' funny :)

e$ said...

wasn't ben franklin a crazy lush or a sex fiend or something like that? Not that i care either way, he started my town's public library and that is awesome.

ka-rista said...

I spy a scullet on B.F.