Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Question of the day

What is the most annoying shit ever?

Answer: When a person pretends to have absolutely NO CLUE how to change the toner so that I will do it. The toner cartridges are right next to the printer. There is a diagram of how to replace the old one with the new one and it is TWO STEPS LONG. There is literally no way that you don't understand how to do it. And the time you spent tracking me down to do it for you wasted about five minutes more than the time it would have taken you to do it yourself.

So please, in the future please come at me with "I am a lazy fuck, and even though it is clearly not your job, please do this menial task for me so that I can continue copying fliers for the golf "tourny" I am in this weekend" rather than "Um, does anyone know how to change the toner on this copier". Who is "anyone"? We are the only two people in the hall, ASS!


san said...

I know it's not funny... but yet, it is! People are dumbasses sometimes.

ka-rista said...


Its "how do I get this email to print"

-My Boss

at least 50 fkn times a DAY!

Nicky said...

I refuse to believe that in such a technologically advanced society, people cannot figure out how to press a button and make a photocopy. Yet, somehow they are baffled every single day. And suddenly I have become The Photocopy Guru. I didn't get any more training than them, but because I was around when the guy came to install the machine, they assume I did.
This goes on and on here with any item that has a power cord attatched to it. Such is the life of a secretary, I guess. I should be making the money of an IT tech by now.

Sarah said...

at my company, it is not any one person's job to change the toner. just whoever realizes it is out does it, hence the diagram on the wall showing people how to do it. and STILL people will interrupt me even when i am on a phone call to tell me something about the printer. i tell you, when our lease is up with that piece, i am taking it to a secluded field with a baseball bat. along with everyone who ever made me change the toner. :-P

Kohn said...

Do we work in the same office? I think I know that person.

kim said...

just tell them you're allergic and not allowed to handle toner. toner is really toxic so everyone should get their fair share... stupid people. my co-workers are driving me insane these days, too. even betti, who i've been friends with for YEARS and i love dearly. ahhhrg! sorry, OT.