Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I've gone pink for October.

As you may be aware, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Although this cause has always been important to me, since I have breasts and happen to like them, this year it is all the more close to my heart because my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer late last week. We don't know the stage yet, but it is something that could have been caught earlier if she had been doing self exams regularly.

It is so important to check yourselves, and so many women won't realize how important it is until it's too late. And even if you are young and think it can't happen to you, it CAN. And it's all the more important to talk to your mom and grandma and aunts and friends and ask them if they are doing self exams, and when is the last time they had a mammogram? It's a simple question that can end up making a huge difference.

And I am being a bit hypocritical here because I am SO not in the habit of doing exams on myself. Usually when I go to the gynecologist once a year for my checkup, she checks for me and I consider that to be enough. It's not though. I have to get into the habit.

We ALL have to get into the habit (if we are not already).

Get more information on self-exams here. And if you have the time or inclination, Go Pink yourself and spread the word.

And for the shopaholics out there, lots of stores are offering deals/donations to foundations that support Breast Cancer Research this month . Stores like Pier One, Saks, Macys and Target.

Everyone agrees: Breasts are fabulous. Take care of yours, and they will take care of you.


kim said...

sarah, i'm sorry about your grandma. but there's a good chance she will be just fine. C's grandma was diagnosed in 2003 right around the age of 75. she did have to go through chemo and it certainly wasn't easy but she's alive and she has been fine for two years now. i'm sending tons of positive vibes your grandma's way and am thinking of you. GO PINK!

Nicky said...

This month is close to our hearts as well. PJ's grandmother died from breast cancer when he was little. His mom took preventative action when suspicious cells were found in her breasts, and had her breast tissue removed. Thank you for posting a reminder.
Only the best to your grandmother while she fights this battle. We'll all be thinking about her.

e$ said...

I'm sorry about your grandma... :(

I do the checks, but I have "cyst issues", so the self-exams usually leave me shuddering in fear.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma, but breast cancer is becoming a more curable disease every day. My mom is a "survivor" and we did the breast cancer walk with her this weekend in Chicago and raised some money and got some exercise - its a great way to raise awareness and feel like you're doing something too!

Sarah said...

thanks so much girls! i wasn't trying to be like "oh my poor grandma!" although it IS unfortunate of course, but it's also very treatable and I have every confidence that she will be fine. its a wake up call for me and for my family that this can happen to any of us. well those of us with breasts.

san said...

my grandma died of breast cancer when i was 6. i guess the chances to survive were a lot worse in the 80's... but i am sure your grandma will be fine. thanks for the great reminder of breast cancer awareness month.

Sarah said...

i'm sorry, san! thanks for the well wishes for my grandma.

kate.d. said...

i'm also sorry to hear about your grandmother, sarah. i hope things work out ok for her!

i did want to chime in to share a little website regarding breast cancer fundraising that i think, while i'm sure it is ruffling a few feathers out there, is an important resource for people who *really* want to find a cure! it's, and it gives you information about breast cancer research fundraising, and breast cancer "awareness" fundraising (which is often just code for cause marketing done by corporations eager to be seen as compassionate and caring).

again, i am all for supporting the search for a cure, but i think we should all be mindful of how our donations, time, and energy is being spent and whom it's really benefiting!

Anonymous said...

I definitely will be sending positive thoughts to your grandma.

Way to go pink for October! Want to do the Boston 3 day with me next year? ;-)

Sarah said...

i have always wanted to do the 3 day. i was supposed to do it a few years ago but in the months before i developed a knee problem and my friend who i was doing it with broke her back! maybe this year i can make it to the actual event with minimal injuries!