Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fun with Homonyms

Coworker: I can't make the training tonight
Me: Ok, thanks for the heads up
Coworker: I mean I want to go, but my son is getting married this weekend and I have to help him and his fiancee make favors tonight
Me: Aw! That at least sounds more fun than an Excel traning
Coworker: Yeah I didn't think so at first but then he told me we were using TOOLS so it should be okay!
Me: What tools?
Coworker: I am not sure, but when I they said we were using a tool to make the favors and I was satisfied.
Me: Do you think they might have meant "tulle" like T-U-L-L-E?
Coworker: Huh?
Me: (googling tulle and showing him)

Coworker: Ohhhhh. That would make more sense I guess. Damn!
Me: Tulle drools.


Andy said...

I would be psyched when I heard the word TULLE. Not dumbfounded. Oh co-workers!

Sarah said...

you and me both! :-P