Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I feel a little gross today.

I don't mean like I am sick (although something IS going around my office and I feel the first inklings of it). But no, I'm wearing foundation today for the first time in YEARS.

And I am not that into it.

Generally, my skin has been good to me. I never really had acne or oily skin or anything like that. So when I did get a pimple every now and then, instead of ignoring it or just dabbing some kind of anti-zit stuff on it, I would obssess about it and torment my face. And lately, "every so often" is sadly becoming "often enough to freak me out". Which is why what on Friday was just a small zit on my chin

has turned into me growing my own clone on the lower half of my face

Hence the foundation.

Usually I just use a little powder and hope for the best but lately that just ain't cutting it. So I went on over to CVS and picked up Cover Girl Advanced Radiance in Medium Beige.

1) It smells wonderful. So if anyone leans in for a closer look at my clone, my face will at least smell pleasantly.

1)It makes my skin feel kind of odd. I don't have a lot of experience with foundation, so i don't know if your face is supposed to feel all make-upy but that is how I feel and I really didn't put that much on.
2)While it DOES cover up my clone, it needs to be reapplied in that area every few hours.

All in all, not that impressed. I feel like maybe coverup is the way to go but I have never been any good at applying it so it doesn't just look like I put coverup on a zit, which I suspect is not the effect it is supposed to have.

So I am jumping on the "skin care advice" bandwagon that Erin and Erin started recently, and asking for reccomendations. I would prefer a drug store brand because I don't use it that often, and would hate to have to throw out a $40 bottle of makeup having only used it once or twice...but if you have some kind of light coverup/foundation I could use DAILY then I would be willing to invest.

I need help, people.

My clone and I thank you.


Mel said...

I enjoy how the 'clone' speaks all hip-hop and refers to others as 'peeps'.

Sarah said...

ha! well the clone really is it's own entity. I am surprised people at work aren't like "good morning Sarah..and.....that other thing".

Nicky said...

You might do better with a tinted moisturizer. I used Neutrogena during the summer.
Or JUST dab a little cover-up stick on you...ahem..."clone". They sell these little green, yellow, and flesh-colored tubes of color just to deal with spot problems. (Green offsets the zit-red, yellow offsets purpley colors and so on) I even have one that's waterproof.
As for skin issues, I have awful skin the second the season changes. I started using a no -alcohol toner plus moisturizer after I wash my face and *voila!* My skin is sooo much better. Worth a shot...

b said...

i use foundation daily, but i hate the same feelings that you are describing...i.e. the cakiness you feel on your face! i use maybelline matte mousse. once it is on it feels just like powder! it is great!

Anonymous said...

a really good concealer that blends super easily is MAC. It comes in the the little pot like the eyeshadows, SF-35 is a universal color amongst my friends and you can wear it without any other makeup and it doesn't look obvious. I think it's about $14.00.

A good spot treatement is Kiehls Drawing Paste - $16.00. Works in about 2 nights.

MarisaJosephine said...

benefit makes the best concealer ever: Its called BOING
about the same price as

Me said...

i am a total mineral powder fan. You don't feel it and it evens out your skin tone beautifully.

I use the Origins concealer for under my eyes.

Great stuff....

Anonymous said...

SARAH! I am NOT a big fan of foundation either. I hate the way it looks and feels. BUT. I was recently introduced to BareMinerals. They may say it's a 'powder foundation', but it is actually a MIRACLE. It makes your skin look unbelievable, and yet feel like you are not wearing anything. It's SPF 15. ALSO - I never had zits until i hit my mid 20s, and this stuff is miraculous. My skin has never looked better, and I've never gotten so many complements. You can buy a starter kit for $60 that includes bronzer, two different colors of foundation, powder, and a whole set of beautiful brushes. That's a lot for $60, and it lasts.

I am telling you, once you go BareMinerals, you never go back!

Caitlin :)

Nicky said...

I've never used it, but my friend Nicki swears by Bare Minerals too. She got that $60 set for her wedding day, and I do have to say her skin looked fantastic.

Heather said...

My drug store fav is Almay Nearly Naked Touch Pad Liquid makeup. I like it because it's really lightweight and doesn't look cakey at all, and you can layer it to get the right amount of coverage. It's downside is that it's only available in three shades.

But I agree that the Bare Minerals products work pretty well, too.

Sarah said...

this is all excellent input, thanks ladies!

Lys said...

Sarah - I'm in absolute agreement with Caitlin. Bare Minerals is WELL worth the investment - when I want to wear foundation, that's what I reach for. I used to use MAC and Benefit, but after I tried Bare Escentual's line once, I was hooked. Their concealer, Summer Bisque is also excellent - you might want to try to score a sample on Ebay to see how you like it.

ka-rista said...

I'm a Bare Minerals girl too and its well worth the invesment. You can get kits on Ebay and they are offering a kit on their side for 60. I can't feel it at all and you can choose how heavy/light you want to go, depending on the clones.

jayniek said...

i second (or eighth) the bare minerals recommendations! also, jane iredale (also mineral based) has a really good line. has some pretty good deals.

clipper829 said...

Well, not to be redundant, but I like the BareMinerals also. I got mine at Sephora, and I would suggest not getting the whole starter kit - I think it's $60 - $70 and you definitely don't need all that BS if you're not a foundation girl.

I would recommend this, and use a light touch and a good brush:

$25 bucks, and you just use a little more with a heavier hand on the clones.

Jaime said...

i am not into foundation AT ALL but i really like maybelline pure makeup. it's very lightweight but gets the job done.

san said...

may i kindly say thank you for giving all this great advice to sarah... and for giving that same advice to me at the same time :) :)
i never had problem skin until i hit my mid twenties and every so often i feel like a teenager now with all these "clones" on my face. so i am with you on that one, sarah!

THANKS for the help!

Sarah said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who is having skin probs now in my mid twenties! i thought once i passed 25 i was in the clear...but NOT so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm WAY late on commenting today, butI have the mid-twenties skin problems too so I couldn't resist!

I use Olay Daily Facials cleanser and toner (the purple ones) religiously and I find it helps A LOT with prevention. I feel like a dorky teenager, but Neutrogena's Rapid Clear (I think that's what it's called-it's a gel) works great at making clones smaller (and it helps me to not pester them too much).

When I choose to wear foundation I use the Neutrogena Clean Tint (or something like that), but it's not too good at hiding clones. I've been meaning to try that Pure stuff from Maybelline b/c I have a coupon and now, of course, I'm thinking of trying the mineral stuff too.

Anonymous said...

Aveda make-up is the best. Their foundations can be used every day, and it doesn't make you feel like you have a hockey mask on. It actually IMPROVES the look of your skin.

j said...

One thing that has helped me marvelously in covering up the "things" that appear on my face is using a brush to apply concealer rather than the applicators that come with it. They make concealer brushes, but I actually use a lip brush because it's smaller, and it makes a world of difference!

Becky said...

I just got into Clinique and will never got back to anything else. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

My face looks and feels like silk. and no I don't work for Clinique. :-)

Anonymous said...

Seeing as cosmetics is my only area of expertise (but don't tell my legal clients that) I definitely recommend either Philosophy Camoflauge Cream or Mac Cover Up. Part of the problem is that foundation isn't for covering blemishes, its for evening out skin tone, and repeatedly applying over a pimple can make it worse. Rather, get a cover up (these brands are inexpensive for dept. store brands) and apply with a brush (or makeup wedge if using in larger areas). It should be one shade lighter than your actual skin tone. Let me know if you have more Qs (or check out for more of my obsessive beauty thoughts). Sorry for the long-winded reply.

(Oh I also recommend Boi-ing as another reader did, but it works better for shadows and under the eyes than for pimples as its not very thick).