Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Two reasons you wish you slept in my bed

1) Last night, at some point in the night I half-woke up and lingered in that quasi-sleeping state for a moment. It just so happens that I was half-dreaming about Harold Zidler's dance sequence from the movie Moulin Rouge and suddenly I involuntarily busted out a dance move of such vigor and enthusiasm that I knocked over everything on my nightstand (including a glass of water and my lamp) and woke up, startled, a little damp, and a bit horrified.

2)At a later point in the night, Adam left the room to go to the bathroom. When he returned I in no uncertain terms accused him of jerking off in the bathroom. I had absolutely NO recollection of this in the morning.

So there you have it, sleep with me and be privy to sudden, spastic dance moves and unconscious accusations of midnight masturbatory practices.


Cindy said...

Thank you for the laugh today. Lord knows I needed it!

MarisaJosephine said...

i have been known to have full out conversations with my husband while sleeping(me sleeping and him laughing at me)


rooroo said...

haha, i've never danced in my sleep, but i woke my parents up once clapping my hands and yelling, "one, two, three, one, two, three." keeping the rythym at madame amanda's dance studio, perhaps.

when i was with my ex i used to talk to him in my sleep a lot, too, but i'd kind of vaguely remember it. in the morning, i'd be like, "hey, last night did i try to tell you that you like ice skating and then swear at you when you didn't know what i was talking about?" and he'd be like, "um, yes, what was that about?" and i'd be all, "i don't know, but i was P_I_S_E_D." weird!

lee said...

HAHAHAHA! That's hysterical! Thanks for the laugh.

AmyD said...

Oh my god!! Something must have been in the air last night!! My mother informed me this morning that she heard me yelling in the middle of the night. When she walked into my room I sat up in bed, but my eyes were closed, or barely open and started screaming and swearing at her. Things like who the %#@* do you think you are??? Don't even think that you can screw me over like this...get out, get out!! And turn off the heat while you are at it!! Ummmm....luckily my mom knows of my insane sleep habits and just shut the door and walked out. God help my boyfriend the first night he has to encounter this!!!!

Sarah said...

LOL that is kind of amazing!! Adam tends to swear in his sleep too. Like I will be sound asleep on MY side of the bed and all of a sudden I hear "Get the fuck OFF ME!" and when I elbow him to be like "shut up jerk!" he startles awake@!

ka-rista said...

Matt has night terrors and screams bloody murder in his sleep. Scares the FUCK out of me.

kate.d. said...

oh my goodness, sleep stories. the one i remember is a while back, for some reason i was half-awake at like 2:00 am, and i thought i heard my boyfriend laughing next to me. it was dark, so i leaned over close to him to see if i was imagining things. but then, obviously still asleep, he started laughing again. i was two inches from his face, still processing the fact that he was sleep-laughing, and all of a sudden his eyes flew open.

holy crap, we both jumped like three feet in the air. he was like, "what the???" and i was like, "ahhh, it's just me!! sorry!"

the next morning, he told me he had been laughing at a dream where a redneck guy in cut-off jeans and a white tank-top was saying something like, "on the fourth of july, we make whoopee on the lawn!!"

which still makes me laugh a little just repeating it :)

Nicky said...

Sarah, I am CRYING laughing here!

When PJ and I first moved in together, there was sleep disorder incidents all around. I can't even tell you about some of them, they are so mortifyingly embarassing.
I always go to bed before PJ. One night, as he was finally coming in to go to sleep, I sat straight up in bed. I then yelled at him for scaring our cats off the bed (they ran off into the living room), then I proceeded to call our cats back. "Here kitty, kitty"...the whole bit.
We don't own any cats.
I'm deathly allergic. I was totally sleeping.
PJ was in hysterics.