Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It is really amazing, the difference between the crowd who dines at 5PM and the crowd who dines at 7PM.

Last night my cousin Anna and I went to Lumiere in Newton to partake of the fabulous Restaurant Week deal. The food was exquisite, easily the best food I have eaten in a restaurant in years. I had a corn soup for the appetizer, grilled hake for the main course and a fabulous peach crostini with ginger ice cream for dessert. They offered a wine pairing with your meal for an extra $15 and I am glad we took advantage of that since the wines they selected were an EXCELLENT companion to each course. Restaurant Week or not, I will definitely be back.

Lumiere had some restrictions on wherein you could not make a reservation between 6PM and 8PM using that system. Since I get out of work at 5PM and work literally down the street, I figured eating at 5:30 would be convenient. And while it WAS, I could not help but notice the clientele as we were seated.

You will not be surprised when I report that the average age among the patrons when we arrived was in the low 60s, save for a few families with youngh children. Now, I am a believer in the idea that "No Kid Zones", like "No Smoking Zones" should exist in restaurants. I like kids, especially my friends' kids, but when you pay $30 for an entree, you are paying for not only the food but the ambience. And screaming babies and grubby children do not an acceptable fine dining ambience make.

So I was a little chagrined to find that a family containing both was seated right across from us.

I also noticed that people seem to think sweatpants are acceptable casual-elegant attire. And apparently muu-muus are the next big thing in fine dining apparel.

Then at 7PM , when we were finishing up my coffee, women with perfectly applied makeup filed in wearing Pucci shifts and Eileen Fisher pant suits. And men were seated around us wearing Lacoste and Brooks Brothers.

And suddenly all was right with the world. And the restaurant, while lovely to begin with, was made all the more lovlier with the advent of the people who still believe in dressing up for dinner.

So let us recap: Lumiere is a fantastic, perfect restaurant that you should all check out.

But if you go before 6PM skip the black wrap dress and slink into some yoga pants and a tube top. Also get a perm if you get the chance.


Nicky said...

Hahaha! It's because old people eat early. 7 p.m. is usually when they're climing into their pajamas to watch Jeapordy.
You remind me of my gaybo, Ryan, who is regularly horrified by people's attire and/or behavior out in public. He likes to send me pictures as evidence. The last picture I got from him showed to ladies sitting at a Chinese restaurant...with their puppy sitting right on the table the whole meal!!!

ka-rista said...

I have this conversation with Matt every weekend. A family with a screaming six month old walked into Trattoria il Panino last week, you know how small that place is?! She sat there for about five minutes with the baby screaming and then decided it was a bad idea. No shit. It's late and your child is probably tired or hungry or both.

Sarah said...

lol i take a lesson from my mother who will usually request at a restaurant not to be seated near any children if at all possible.

Sarah said...

i should clarify i don't mean at places like Applebees or other "family" restaurants. I mean like at a NICE restaurant. Obv kids have a right to eat out. just not at a place where a glass of wine is $12. :-P

Amy said...

I just spewed coffee all over my desk laughing...that is too funny.

kim said...

a) sweat pants are not aceptable attire anywhere but in your own house, when you're out running or the like or maybe at the beach. period.

b) what are muu-muus?

c) perm: pretty much see a) only complete the sentence with EVER

Sarah said...

Kim, behold the Muu Muu

Anonymous said...

As always, great post! My husband and I were just discussing this very topic last night. When did jeans become ok to wear everywhere? I have even seen them in church and at funerals!

Sarah said...

seriously. people think that for "business casual" or "casually elegant" occasions, as long as you have on a nice top you can wear whatever ratty jeans you want.

kim said...

OMG seriously? SERIOUSLY? the worst thing about this picture is the fact that pretty, skinny and YOUNG models wear the muu-muus. that's just wrong. all of it. i hope i die before.. you know. seriously.

Sarah said...

lol i too have made a solemn vow never to muu-muu

san said...

what's up with having dinner before 6 pm anyways? that's an american thing LOL... but now you know why you shouldn't go at that time... ;)

seriously, what are some people thinking?

clipper829 said...

I'll play devil's advocate here. I have a four month old baby, and yes, she's fussy sometimes. She's a baby, and that's normal baby behavior. Screaming is another issue - if she were screaming, obviously I'd take her outside.

All that said, though, I feel strongly that if I go out to dinner at 5pm, I have the right to dine wherever I please, even if the wine is $12/glass. So we do take her to nice places, but in the late afternoon/early evening. After 7pm, well, I still believe that that's date time for grownups and sitter/bed time for babies.

Not trying to be difficult, but my perspective definitely changed once I had my daughter.

But I'd still never wear a muu-muu.

Sarah said...

well that was basically my point..that a restaurant crowd at 5:30 differs a lot from the crowd at 7:30 :-) and no matter my preference to dine in child-free zones..when it comes down to it i am always a believer that people should look good and do what they want, babies and adults alike :-)