Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pet Peeve of the Day

When people preface a question, by saying "Question".

"Question. Are we out of coffee cups?"
"Question. Why is it so cold in here?"
"Question. Why are you gesturing at me menacingly with that letter opener?"

Statement. No one needs to be saying the word "Question" before posing one unless at some point in the coversation he or she is going to break into song and say "All the women, who indepdendent! Throw your hands up at me!".


Nicky said...

Perhaps these are people who are not at all good at raising their voice to that questioning inflection at the end of a sentance. They could be concerned that you might mistake their words as an announcement or statement.
The only time I will EVER preface a question with the statement "I have a question" is when I'm interrupting someone else's conversation. I think if you have a pressing question, you're allowed to be rude. Cut lines, butt into a conversation to get your answer - whatever. Because Lord knows how much more valuable my time is than theirs! LOL..

Sarah said...

i'm not talking about "i have a question", which i use frequently especially in meetings or when butting in. i mean people say simply "question" ALL THE TIME. as i was writing that update the offender said it in a conversation occuring behind me. i was half hoping she saw what i was writing.

Nicky said...

Yeah, that's completely annoying. My vote is that you start prefacing your answers to the offending individual with "Answer. It's cold in here because the air conditioning is on high." Hopefully, it'll make her annoyed or at least self-conscious enough to stop.

Sarah said...

i am located in a wit vacuum. she probably wouldn't even get it :-P

i'm trying to answer your messages on Myspace but my browser keeps shutting down! Expect a hag-filled response shortly though!

Zippy said...

Go all out. When talking to her, try the following:

"Exclamation: Man, it's cold in here!"

"Interrogative: I wonder if it's going to rain today"

"Speculation: I'm not sure that's a good idea"

Sarah said...


Platitude: i love you

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

I love this post and all the comments! haha.. but my fav part is def the Destiny's Child reference.

Sarah said...

beyonce rules.

K said...

I'm an offender--I used to hate this so much that I started saying it--well actually I'll say, "Got a question for you" and then ask. I'm annoying. Ugh.

Sarah said...

no way! i doubt you say it many times within the same coversation to the same person.

Anonymous said...

That is wicked annoying....and yet, the exact same thing is CRAZY funny on "The Office." My S.O. and I joke about Dwight doing that all the time! (Yes, we are huge nerds...thanks for noticing.)