Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm happy to report that after the most boring day EVER on friday, I had quite an exciting night.

First of all, Adam and I had reservations at Smith & Wollensky for 8:30 to celebrate Restaurant Week. I was VERY lucky to get those reservations because all the decent restaurants fill up on Fridays and Saturdays during RW quickly, so I was all kinds of excited. When I got home around 6:15 that night, I informed Adam that we should probably leave around quarter of 8 so that we have time to drive around the South End and find parking. Or course when I say "Let's leave at quarter of 8" to Adam, it translates in Adamese as "Get in the shower at ten of eight". I swear, the only thing we ever really fight about is one of us making the other one late with his primping. Because you know when I am going OUT I start getting ready like 2 hours before to avoid these situations. In the end we made the mad dash into the city, both of us forgetting our phones so we couldn't call the restaurant and ask them to hold the reservation, threw the car in a garage and ran over to The Castle 15 minutes late JUST as they were about to give our table away. Literally one of the hosts was telling a woman in pink that they had a no show and was about to show her to our table when we crashed in, practically panting.

(a horrible too-dark picture I know but whatever. The restaurant is literally in a castle. I was in love)

It was totally worth it though. What can I say about Smith & Wollensky? To me it is the quintessential "American" restaurant. I mean if my relatives in Lebanon came to visit me I would want to take them to S&W and be like "This is what it's all about". Of course, these relatives will have to wait a long time for this to happen since I am not at the point in my life where dropping $500 on dinner for 4 is a good time for me. Hence our love of Restaurant Week. Adam got split pea soup, the filet mignon and ice cream for dessert while I got the mixed salad, Wild Salmon and Key Lime Pie. It was all perfect.

After dinner we segued to Flash's for apres dinner cocktails.

This place has an interesting drink list. I have to say that the two drinks I ordered, a Manhattan and a Grasshopper, were kind of dissapointing. The former was way too strong and the latter not strong enough. Then again I didn't send them back so it's my own fault anyway. I liked the ambience very much. They had some really fun art on the wall by local artists.

I think showcasing art to be bought to people who are drinking Manhattans made out of straight whiskey with nothing else in them is an excellent idea.

After we felt we had finished with the Boston portion of the night (capped off by a very drunk girl muttering to me "You look nice, miss" and when I didn't respond (because I didn't realize she was talking to me) she got in my face and screamed "I SAID YOU LOOK NICE MISS!!!!!". Very charming!

We capped off the night with late night karaoke at the Fox & Hound. Now, some people's idea of karaoke is drunk people screaming their way through the Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion Soundtrack and indeed this is at times my idea of a good time. For the calmer karaoke-loving drunk though, I must reccomend the Fox & Hound on Friday nights. The crowd is more AARP than MTV but 1) they can SING! and 2) they sing mostly standards and oldies . Lots of Frank. Lots of Ella. Lots of Patsy Cline. Lots of Chardonnay.

Obviously my new favorite place.

The rest of the weekend was a little more low key. Saturday I very much meant to start packing for The Move next weekend, but instead cleaned the kitchen and watched lots o' movies. Sunday brought my very first christening ever. Literally, I was never baptized myself and have not been present for anyone else's. When my good friend Vicki invited us to her son Quin's baptism, even though we were allowed to skip church and head straight to the after party, I felt i had to see for myself. All in all, it was what I expected. Lots of God, Lots of chanting, Lots of standing up and sitting back down. It was nice though. The babies all looked ADORABLE in their little white suits. Of course Quin was the cutest. Andy even gave a reading

I dabbled with the idea of volunteering to give a reading as well,but I got the distinct impression that no heathens are allowed in the pulpit. In fact when we were leaving, it had gone from being a sunny, gorgeous day to a dark, gray monsoon. I remarked to Andy that this was probably because I was allowed in a church.

Such is life!

Anyway, the after party at the Dalton Club was lovely, and Adam, Andy and I followed that up with a glass of wine at the Fox & Hound, and a few more at Darcy's. Nothing whets the palette for wine like a little church action, let me tell you.

And so all in all, a great weekend and a much needed one since next weekend will in all liklihood BLOW and I will need the memory of this one to keep me going through the packing and moving and unpacking and cleaning. Especially since almost all of the people who were going to help us move now cannot (they all have good reasons and I am NOT mad since I never help anyone move).

I figure at the very least it will be a good workout. And never in my life have I been MORE glad our apartment only has 3 rooms. If nothing else it has limited the amount of crap we have (although don't get me wrong we still manage to have a good amount)


kim said...

uh, i feel exactly like you do in church. and what's with all the standing up and sitting back down? booooring. also, i always feel stupid because there are all these songs and replies and amens and i never know when to say what and why. but churches are usually pretty and the reason to be there is usually a good one (weddings, baptisms...) so i'll keep going when i have to anyway :)

happy monday, happy packing-week, happy move - it sucks that noone will be ableto help. i would help if i were in the area. but you're not moving very far, are you? so it won't be too bad...?

Sarah said...

i totally agree. i love the architecture of churches and always have a good time looking around even if i feel like i am the only one who doesn't know what to say and when to say it.

as for the moving. unfortunately it appears that moving two buildings down is even more annoying than moving across town because we won't be renting a truck or anything, so we basically have to walk the furniture down. it will be a scene I am sure.

san said...

Hey that sounds like a fun weekend... so happy you still got the table at Smith&Wollensky :)

I hope the move won't be to stressful... I would come and help, but I have a good reason that I can't help either... [I'll be at Kim's... and we'll think of you :)]

Sarah said...

i have a great idea!

you and kim fly to boston this weekend...and then you can both help! wouldn't that be fun! i think so :-P

san said...

I am TOTALLY up for that... kim, what about you?

p.s. boston is to die for... and to meet you, sarah, would be a blessing.

Anonymous said...

i've had lunch at flashes a couple times. it's SO good! i'm glad you loved your dinner and quin's christening! <3 danielle

Sarah said...

sannie: you and kim come to boston and you stay with me! (now that i have a spare bedroom). you know you want to!

danielle: i am definitely going back there for dinner some night. the menu looked delish.

san said...

yes, i WANT TO!!!

Marc said...

Flash's looks pretty cool. Have you been back there again? I've been meaning to get there at some point, but something always comes up!

Sarah said...

It really is a really cool place. Nice decor, fun layout... I haven't been back yet but I have South End plans in a few weeks and plan on incorporating a Flash's meal somewhere in there!