Thursday, August 24, 2006

I was reading a Myspace survey (of course) filled in by my lovely friend Nicky when I read an astounding figure:

She watches 45 (forty-five!) minutes of TV a day.

For normal folks, this may be no big deal. But me? I was astounded (in the best possible way). I wish I could watch that little TV. I am in fact embarrassed with the amount of television needed to sustain my life. I think I get the 45 minutes out of the way while watching the news before 7AM. Of course the rest of the day is doomed after that.

I can't lie, I love TV. I probably watch AT LEAST 4 hours a day, probably more since I can't sleep without the TV being on. It's not to say I come home and collapse on the couch for hours on end, I cook dinner and play online and clean and do chores (chores, lol) around the house all the while with the TV on in some room or other.

But of course I do collapse on the couch and just watch when the need arises. You know, when my "stories" are on.

Which gets me to my point. Everyone recognizes certain shows as universally liked (more or less). Friends. Will & Grace. The Daily Show. Sixty Minutes, etc. But what about those shows you love that maybe you don't want to mention in mixed company? Shows that you don't post about in your Myspace profile?

For me, two shows come to mind.

The first is Seventh Heaven.

I have never heard anyone else admit out loud that they watch this wholesome show that is so wholesome. I started watching when I was 18 and living in Roxbury with some other fellow City Year members. Now, we were a pretty diverse group of roomates: 1 gay man, 1 lesbian, 1 Japanese guy and 1 token straight, white girl from the 'burbs . We could not agree on anything, be it things like proper bathroom etiquette (the shower hose is not an enema) or the fact that it would probably NOT be the best idea to sell drugs out of the house. But we sure as hell agreed that Seventh Heaven was the best show ever and we convened on Sunday nights to watch it in our living room on our sad, small TV. We called it "That Wholesome Show"as in "Hey you have to sober up! That Wholesome Show is on in two hours". I still love it to this day. It really is so wholesome! There is no other word to describe it. Watch it, and wish you were a Camden. The reruns on Fox Family ESPECIALLY.

The second would have to be Felicity.

My friend Jill was always obsessed with this show and I liked it a little but never paid much attention to it. I watched it if it was on and admired Scott Speedman.

(Sigh. I am a Noel girl though, I swear)

But the past year or so, the reruns on WE have gotten to me and I am hooked. I swear the Felicity-Noel-Ben debacle is a tale as old as time (hello Carrie, Aiden and Big!) Such drama, I am in love with it. It makes me wish I was more into having curly hair. It makes me wish I went to college in New York. It makes me wish I knew Scott Speedman's home address. (Even though I swear I really am a Noel girl.) Simply put: It makes me psyched. Saturday mornings were never so great.

I know I am not alone. Everyone is closeted about certain TV shows. So let's hear it!


kim said...

i am NOT ashamed to say it out loud: I LOVE SEVENTH HEAVEN! unfortunately it runs during the day here in germany [at least i think so] which means i can't really watch it any more [stupid job]. but i used to not miss a single episode and OF COURSE i wanted to be a camden! even though the jesus-talk may be a little annoying but who cares because they are all so pretty and friendly and nice and oh the LOVE ... simply WHOLESOME?

AliRose said...

Ok, Felicity in no way needs to be a guilty pleasure, because that show is awesome, and people must recognize. Ben is the hunkiest of all hunks, god, I loved him. Have you seen the last few seasons? Noel started to really piss me off later on, even though I adored him freshman year.

My guiltiest of guilty pleasures happen to be about vampires. Yup, Buffy and Angel. I'm such a loser. I got hooked long after they were both over, and I believe I have some how caught about 3/4 of the episodes of both shows in the morning before work, they're both on a loop on TNT and FX.

I'm embarassed now.

Sarah said...

Ben is the hottest man ever. It would piss me off that he was a douche to Felicity so much of the time and she always took him back...but I mean LOOK at him! I could not blame her, in the end. Noel is so earnest though. And so nice! For me t's a tough call.

Sarah said...

Oh and Kim I am psyched you love 7H so much.

Now i have the theme song in my head!

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

Once in a while if I am flipping channels and "Full House" is on, I'll watch it. I can't help myself.

clipper829 said...

I feel you on being addicted to Felicity, but here are my guilty as hell confessons.

1. The Dukes of Hazzard
2. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Don't hate.

Anonymous said...

are we not supposed to admit our love of 7th heaven? i watch it after gilmore girls and before law and order. it's so good and i now have the theme in my head. i also love:
and the brady bunch.
<3 danielle

Anonymous said...

oh and i go days without watching tv (not including sox games) and then i'll have a full on 14 hour sit down. like i need to catch up, as if it's like sleep! tv - how i love thee...<3 danielle

Sarah said...

I just didn't realize so many i knew watched it. yeah!!oh and roseanne is the BOMB. and so is Fresh Prince.

Erin I will have you know that if you google Raphael de Ghetto, you get my blog. and it is YOUR fault :-P

Mandy said...

Well, I absolutely adore The Golden Girls, and I feel no guilt about it. They are so awesome. That show gets funnier the more you watch it, and believe me, I've seen every episode more than once.

I love Laguna Beach as well. Also, did anyone watch Sorority Life and Fraternity Life on MTV a couple years ago? I was hooked.

Sarah said...

i LOOOVED sorority life!!! even now, when my hair is being crazed i am like "I am so channeling Jordan from SL right now". haha!

AmyD said...

I LOVE Seventh fact, it's a secret that me and my 16 year old straight male cousin bond over...I bought him a DVD of the first season as my "secret" Christmas gift to him!! Most 16 year old boys hide porn DVDs as a cousin....7th heaven. Although he does have a HUGE crush on Jessica Biel which may add to it!! (You do know that it was picked up again and will have a whole new season starting this fall!!)

I also agree that I love Full house and Rosanne (Nick at Night!!) but I also LOOOVE...Boy Meets World. I do share the same bday as Danielle Fishelle who plays Topanga--who also dated my ex boyfriend Lance Bass--ahhh...another to add to my list of Gay ex boyfriends!!)

This is an excellent converstaion starter by teh way...secret TV show loves!!

Sarah said...

i loved B meets W!! I had the biggest crush on Sean (Rider Strong). In fact, I watched the terrible movie Cabin Fever just because he was in it!! (fyi: he is less cute now, but I still carry the memory of how cute he WAS).

Norwego said...

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I am not ashamed! Okay, maybe a little...

rooroo said...

i think i might be the only person left who is still watching survivor. my love for jeff probst is as strong as it was on season one, day one. did you hear this year they are having four teams divided by race (white, black, asian, latino)?? interesting...

i also get up every saturday morning to watch the phantom gourmet. i think i'm the only person under 50 watching that (and caring what the phantom says).

finally--don't tell anyone--i watch flavor of love. i'm not even going to explain it--i don't know how. it's addicting. it's visual crack. A GIRL POOPED ON THE FLOOR AND THEN PICKED IT UP AND RAN UPSTAIRS, PEOPLE. that's entertainment.

i hate seventh heaven. HATE! "ooooooh, we're all having twins!" vomit.

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

rooroo: "i also get up every saturday morning to watch the phantom gourmet. i think i'm the only person under 50 watching that (and caring what the phantom says)."

No way, jose!! I LOVE the Phantom!! And i'm way under 50. ;-)

Sarah said...

woo hoo! adam and i are also big Phantom fans!

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

omg, can't believe i didn't think of this earlier! i LOVE star trek: the next generation. some might say that's pretty embarrassing. i've never made is a secret though. haha


AnnaB said...

There is no shame in loving Buffy people! My shame confession is that I love America's Next Top Model and Charmed.

Sarah said...


roo roo - you must elaborate on this defecate-n-run story! i wish i watched Flavor of Love. Lord knows I loved Strange Love!! Flava + Brigit 4eva.

Nicky said...

Just because I don't watch that much tv during the week doesn't mean I'm off being productive! The question on that survey didn't ask how much of my life is sapped up on the internet. That answer to that one would astound you. Once, I lost my internet for 2 weeks (wiring issues) and I got so much done! I almost wondered if I shouldn't have left it off.
Oh, and I need to fess up that now on Wednesdays, I watch about 2 hours of tv. I've gotten sucked into "Rockstar: Supernova" which is like American Idol, except for rockers are competing to get into Tommy Lee's band. (I have a crush on Ryan Star...LOL)

Me said...

Ya think she's telling the truth with 45 min.
Now, I don't have cable right now, but I am crraaaaaaaaaaaaave it....I do get the WB so I watch my Gilmore Girls and I really want to get all the DVDs....Sex and the City marathons...yeah baby....45 min...not me if I can.

Sarah said...

the first thing we did when we knew out move-in date was call comcast and arrange for them to come at 9AM the day we move in.

god forbid we go 1 hour without cable.

it's a sad state of affairs.

BUT the 4400 series finale is on Sunday and I will cry if i miss it.

Anonymous said...

I watch a lot of tv... most of which I should probably be ashamed of... but among the highlights are Days of our Lives (or at least I used to until we stopped our bonus soapnet subscription), any made for ABC family movie (starring a plethora of former WB tv stars), home shopping channel (I can actually sit and watch it like a tv show), and worst of all--Dog, the Bounty Hunter

Becky said...

ok... this is stooping really low but has anyone watching "America's Got Talent"? People, not only does it have Regis who - well WHAT is he? A wax figure? Is anything on him real anymore? but it has my favorite. The Hoff. Yes David Hasselhoff is a judge which kills me because how can HE judge anyone else? and the talent? OMG it's, well, it's everything from Magic, to Drag Queens, to dancers.. I can't describe but wow, this country has some serious TALENT!
Anyway, I can't stop watching this show when it's on. It's really like a train wreck that I can't advert my eyes from. It's fabulous!

Nicky said...

Hey Ladies, I'm the gal who told Sarah I only watch 45 min of tv a day!!! And, I'm afraid I am telling the truth. I really DO only watch 45 minutes of tv a night. After work, I hit my aerobics class which is an hour long. I get home, shower, eat dinner, check my e-mail, possibly work in my studio if I'm feeling productive...and by then it's time for the Daily Show. That's only 30 minutes long, then I watch about 15 minutes of the Colbert Report before my fiance shuffles me off to bed. I'd probably watch more if I only had time.
But we have been catching up on HBO series on DVD. Deadwood, Rome, and OZ have been sucking our weekends up.

Sarah said...

anon - DOG is pretty frigging addictive, i have to admit it.

Becky- I have never watched it but I am sure I would looove it. I thoroughly enjoy watching people makespectacles of themselves.

Miss Nick - I love Rome!!!!Vorenus & Pullo are my favorite men ever.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Dog the Bounty Hunter kicks ass! Definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

As for Seventh Heaven? LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it.

I also catch Deadwood and Dawson's Creek re-runs when able.

Anonymous said...

Beverly Hills 90210, baby. WHEN are they going to put it out on DVD??

Also, I have a weak spot for almost any kind of "junk" television...i.e. My Super Sweet 16, Laguna Beach, and E! True Hollywood Story.

Sarah said...

read it and weep!


katie said...

You have no idea how glad I am to know that I'm not the only one who secretly loves "7th Heaven"! I also have a weird soft spot for "Passions". I forced myself to stop taping it though.

Sarah said...

Who knew 7th Heavan was secretly so popular? I am psyched!