Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This stuff is the SHIZZ

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss, Intense Moisture Formula, SPF 15.

I read about it in Lucky Magazine and marked it off with a "YES" sticker because I love all lip gloss but a special place in my heart is reserved for ones with added bonuses like SPF...and next time I was in CVS I picked up a tube in "Pink Afterglow".

It is the best lip gloss EVER. Seriously. Shiny but not sticky, pleasant scent and no real taste to it, and it gives a hint of pinky color..nothing too overwhelming. Really it's a great every day lip gloss. Slick it on over some nude lipliner (such as NYC Waterproof Lipliner in Natural) and it will last for hours.


Nicky said...

As a lip gloss junkie with no plans for recovery in the foreseeable future, thanks for the recommendation. I'll try it out!

Sarah said...

anytime! you know i love to preach the gospel...the shopping gospel that is.

Jolene said...

Of course now I'll have to go check that out, too!! also, I signed up for a CVS card since I'll be moving close to a CVS in a couple months so I'm *sure* I'll take a page from your book and shop there a *lot*. :-)

Sarah said...

woo hoo! you will be a CVS addict in no time. :-)

fleecey said...

yes! i LOVE this! i have it in limited edition 'tribal red'.

MarisaJosephine said...

I was gonna try Tribal Red
I am glad someone looks awesome! I am a self-proclaimed CVS addict

I say we start a support group for all of us that cannot say no to ExtraCare Card

(by the way...the wollaston CVS has the best selection of makeup and everything smelly good)

Sarah said...

wait someone tell me about Tribal it really RED red...or like a hint of red? I was going to pick up the Coral Glow next but perhaps I will get TR instead. Actually who am I kidding...I'll just get both!

MarisaJosephine said...

tribal red is kind of "brick-like"
i wish you could test them out before you buy....all i know is the lady at cvs says you can buy makeup there and if you do not like it they will take it returned
and give you your money back
(the one at wally that is)

Nicky said...

There used to be a CVS a two second walk from my work. I went there nearly every lunch break I could. I got a new job 3 months ago (with nary a CVS in sight) and noticed I suddenly have more money in my bank account. Coincidence?
Little did I know so many of us had drug store addictions! Support group indeed!

ka-rista said...

Well hell, I'm sold! I Heart my H20 CVS and its within walking distance from my home *swoon*

Sarah said...

the CVS that I usually go to in Quincy has this new manager that is JUST for the makeup and haircare aisles (she even has a desk in the midst of it) and as soon as you walk in she pounces on you and is like "what do you need, where are you going, who do you know". it is unnerving! hence i stick to the west newton CVS now where I can shop in peace!

clipper829 said...

You guys got some crazy CVS's! I've never seen a CVS with a DESK, and believe you me, I have frequented many a CVS. In fact, I go almost nightly during my "get out of the house" trip. My least favorite is the CVS in Porter Square. Terrible.

But, you also better believe I'll be picking up some of that lip gloss tonight!

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

I think the worst one might be the one in the SSP... so small and crowded...useless!!

Lori said...

Sarah - That was my CVS too until I moved from Quincy last week. I was addicted to Almay lipgloss but I am going to have to upgrade!! I am always on the hunt for one that my hair doesn't stick in if the wind blows.

MarisaJosephine said...

are you talking about the CVS nearest Wollaston? That one has a consultant desk. The woman who worked there a while ago was really helpful in helping me choose the right concealer. It was nice to have some support. The one at the South Shore Plaza is terrible. I agree. Especially when you only have a few minutes to grab something you end up waiting in line forever and then some Old lady or smelly dirty person cuts everybody in line. Yes I agree I hate the south shore plaza CVS!

Sarah said...

the ssp is pretty bad...i think the worst one is the one in quincy on independence ave. it is next to shop & save liquors and there are always shady types hanging around with brown bags, reading the newspaper/magazines without buying anything.

Sarah said...

MJ - no, its not in wollaston its on 3A...and i agree that some support IS nice but one does not want to be followed around and harped at repeatedly when one is just browsing. if she was like like "can i help you, oh ok well if you need help you know where i am at" then obvi that would be a-ok :-)

The Pink Kitty said...

I am excited! I just ran out of lip gloss and while I love my lip gloss, I question whether or not I really need to pay $28 for lip gloss. Another great gloss is the Benetint & Gloss combo from Benefit!

MarisaJosephine said...

oh yes
i have the Benetint blush and rosewater stain
its awesome and a little goes a long way

There are some shady people
around that whole area near shop and save

we looked at a house around there
and it was a scary area

now we live near Quincy Medical Center. Much nicer!

Sarah said...

yeah it is! i was born there!

MarisaJosephine said...

you were born near the TEA ROOM?
or Quincy Med Center?

ha ha ha

Sarah said...

no, i was born in shop & save


MarisaJosephine said...

i wish i was born in shop and save
ha ha ha