Thursday, July 13, 2006

Proof that I am the definition of discreet:

So, last night I am at Tempo with Anna, sipping martinis and enjoying the baked brie. We were having a conversation about getting caught gossiping by the person you are gossiping about or a relative of that person..and how horrible it is. And how we really ought not to gossip.

At one point I happened to glance around the restaurant and saw a man with probably the WORST toupee I have ever seen. I have to confess that I am not a toupee aficionado and more often than not I can't tell who is wearing one, nor could I care what choices a man makes with his head... But this man was straight up wearing a RUG. It BEGGED to be comment on.

And why am I here on earth but for to comment on others?

So I turn to Anna and whisper "Do not turn around, but there is a horrible toupee in our midst. Act casual". And she was the essence of casual, changing the subject for a few moments before glancing over her shoulder and saying "Oh yay! It has stopped raining!" and then turning back to me with a look of horror and delight, so I know she had seen it too.

"That is AWFUL" she whispered.

So we continued with our martinis and appetizers and when we were done and had paid the bill, we passed Bad Rug's table on the way out the door.

It was MUCH worse up close

Some men need to realize that baldness is much nicer looking than plastic hair.

A Handsome Man

Not So Much

Once outside, I exclaimed loudly "How can he think that toupee looks GOOD!? His friends need to take him aside and have an intervention of some kind. I mean it's like a bad toupee from a MOVIE!"

Almost immediately, I realized that while the door has closed behind me, the entire front secton of the restaurant, nearly from floor to ceiling, was open.


With that I quickly bid adieu to my cousin and hopped into my car as quixkly as possible as if this man would come tearing out the the restaurant to stick up for himself, and his freedom to make his on choices regarding plastic hair.

And maybe make me touch it or something.

I can't lie. I probably would have deserved that.


Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

hahaha.. love that picture! ;-)

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

whenever I get my haircut I'm always like "there's not much to work with up top so just make it all short and look good" and they always try to make it look like I have more hair up there than I do ...don't get me wrong I'm not bald or anything, but the top portion of my head is definitely thinner than the rest... so I always end up looking like a cone head.


Sarah said...

i sometimes suffer a similar condition known as "pin head". like when i get my hair professionally done in an updo and i tell them that my hair has "big" tendencies so lay low with the volumizing stuff....instead they make my hair into a teeny tiny bun thus rendering me a pin head.

The Pink Kitty said...

ooo toupee's are frightening. And I've so been in the same spot, where I've just been gossiping about someone and then that person walks up and I have to awkwardly fumble for a recovery. You'd think we learn to not comment until we are WELL out of hearing range right? ;)

Sarah said...

haha it's happened to me more times than i care to would think i would learn my lesson!!