Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sometimes I feel like my life is a series of coincidences.

Sometimes, things have a way of all coming together through no real concerted effort on my part. For instance, once when i was younger I needed rent money and when I was about to ask my parents (and I HATE asking them for money) I got a check from my aunt in the mail for the exact amount I was short. It was a graduation gift she had sent 6 months ago but had been lost in the mail!

Of course being a person whose life is a series of coincidences means that along with the happy ones, there will be some pretty not so happy ones.

So, take yesterday. Now, normally I have been bringing my linen& leather Ralph Lauren handbag to work but yesterday,I noticed it was getting a little dingy around the edges so I spot cleaned it and left it to dry, and instead brought my black Talbots tote with me. When I arrived at work, I realized I was having a bra issue. I wore a turquoise batwing wrap shirt yesterday and I had put on a turquoise bra so my strap would match, should it decide to peek out. However after putting on the bra and shirt I was reminded by a quick glance in the mirror that that particular shirt is semi sheer, so i put a black camisole underneath. When I got to work I realized that the camisole's built in bra, plus the turquoise bra = one too many bras going on. So I went into the ladies room and took off the turquoise bra and put it into my bag. Problem solved!

Then on my lunch break I did a little food shopping. I wanted to pick up some cheeses and crackers since I was having my friends Vicki & Jeanne over. When I got back to work, I realized that leaving the cheeses in the car on a hot afternoon was probably not that wise so I put the bar of chedder and wheel of brie in my tote and went into the office, intending to put it in the fridge in the breakroom.

Of course I forgot.

So then I am sitting at my desk and a coworker walks by and asks me for a mint. So I fish around in my bag for one and hand it to him and then leave my bag on my desk while I finish the problem I was working on. Soon, the fed ex guy, and three other coworkers with a client walk in and as I am signing for the package, the fed ex guy whips one of his tubes of plans around and knocks my tote off of the desk so that it flies of my desk.

And out of it flies my turqoise bra, the wheel of brie and block of cheddar. They land more of less in the middle of my coworkers & their client.

No one spoke for a minute. Or was it an hour? That's what it seems like.

I mean for anything to fall out of a bag at work: could it be more random than a bra and cheese?

My coworkers looked at me like I had THROWN my bra at them on purpose, but then THANK GOD the client said "That's a party in a bag if I ever saw one!". And then everyone chuckles as I scurried to pick everything up.

But think about it, this would never have happened if: I had brought my Ralph Lauren bag to work like I normally do, and if I had not worn that particular shirt, and if I had not been planning on happen people over that night.

What's that called when everything kind of intersects?

Oh yeah. The Bermuda Triangle.


Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

haha, so funny!! and i LOVE the bra drawing! :-D

Sarah said...

don't you love how it stands upright? so assertive.

alisa said...

The bra looks like it is eyeballing them for an attack. Frankly I think everyone should carry cheese and a bra around. That can get you out of all kinds of situations.

MarisaJosephine said...

know whats also embarrassing?
a tampon falling out of your purse
in the bank while your waiting in line......hee hee

kim said...

if anything, this story makes me love you even more. also makes me realize i don't have a turquoise bra and i think i should have one... oh what i also love? your artwork to support your stories. now, i want a picture showing your landlord stepping into your apartment without you being there meeting the watering can placed above the entrance :)

Sarah said...

perhaps my next ms paint masterpiece should be titled: Attack of the Killer Bras. :-P

Jolene said...

oh my goodness that's hilarious!!

e$ said...

nothing scares a man more than renegade underwear.

except tampons.

The Pink Kitty said...

I would love to see attack of the killer bras! The MS Paint drawing is awesome!

lee said...

still crackin me up...thanks!

Peg said...

That is by far, my most favorite entry.