Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If you mosey on over to I Cook Good today, you will see a recipe for the dinner I made last night. I should mention to you that I wrote part of that entry BEFORE I actually made that dinner. Had I known what a burning inferno of dripping scorching heat my non-air-conditioned kitchen would become, I would gladly have opted for sandwiches and chips.

Last night, my paltry excuse for a window fan became heat's bitch. And it was not pretty. And by "it" I mean "I".

Don't get me wrong, the dinner was tres delicious. But no one needs to experience heat stroke in order to put a meal on the table. So if you try to bake a squash casserole whilst grilling on the indoor/outdoor grill in your kitchen, please either 1) have central air/servants who will fan you with peacock feathers or 2) save it for a below 100 degree evening.

That being said. I want to invite any of you cooks/chefs/makers of dinner/people who know a good brand of veggie burger to submit unto me you best No Cook or Low Cook recipes, which I will publish en masse on I Cook Good later on in the week (and possibly make into a Word document and email out to people who want it, if I get enough responses). I think we could all use some new, fun, delicious dishes to try on scorching summer evenings that don't require the use of an oven, grill, or sweatband.

So please, email me what you got! Or if you have a good No Cook/Low Cook tip feel free to comment.


clipper829 said...

Oh god. It is so disgusting to cook in this heat, which is why I made a huge salad with shrimp (I bought the pre-cooked) and avocado.

Funny you should mention veggie burgers, because that's what we're having tonight - I microwave them. More or less no cooking necessary. I love Boca's grilled onion flavor and also their garlic flavor for "hamburger-like" veggie burgers. We're having the spicy chicken flavored boca burgers tonight. They are the jam, I assure you.

kate.d. said...

go to, and check out cinnamon's "one good meal" column on the right hand side. she has a totally microwaveable meal up this week (i know, even she was incredulous!)...