Friday, June 02, 2006

Since it is Friday, we should talk about drinking I think.

(As if I only talk about drinking on Fridays)

So, my good friend Danielle just got back from a London vacation and was telling me a story about switching from Zambuca shots to Aftershock shots and how that can be little unsettling. At the same time she was telling me that story, I was looking at this website through which people who live in countries where Absinthe is illegal (like me and probably most of you except maybe Kim?)can order it. And of course we are totally ordering it. And then we then began talking about how in our drinking experience, the later in the night you are still drinking, the more likely you are to switch to some odd kind of cocktail/shot/liquor that you may have not been all that interested in in the sober light of the early evening (for instance, danielle switching from zambuca to aftershock).

I like to talk about/hear about odd drinking habits.

Anyway, that used to be kind of my jam. I remember especially back in the day when Jill and I would frequent Porters (a little-known but GREAT bar near the fleet center). We would head there usually under the following conditions 1) We had already been out at a and wanted a nightcap before heading home. 2) It was the begining of the night and we wanted a place to pre-game and form a plan of action (such as, if i use the word "banana" it's time to get out" ) and 3)on random weekday nights.

In the instances where number 1 was the case, I was usually having a good time at this point of the night and just wanted something that tasted pretty so I would order (and this is the only time I would ever order this) a shot of mint schnaps with a club soda chaser.

Nasty, right? My somewhat inebriated logic was that if I passed out before I brushed my teeth then this was second best. Because mint schnaps is a drunk girl's toothpaste, right?

And what's worse is the bartender deemed that "drink", "The Sarah" which is mortifying. Can I please NOT have a drink named after me involve schnaps of any kind? Especially the mint kind?.

And you know, i still roll like that now. If I am out at a bar I drink wine all night and then when last call comes around I am all "OMG TEQUILA SHOTS" or in last friday's case, "OMG WATERMELON VODKA SHOTS!"

Maybe I am the only one who does this.

And I wonder if when I am in my 40s I will be at some fabulous cocktail party, draped in Nicole Miller, sipping a gimlet and when my escort goes to get my coat and hat (I plan on wearing hats later in life) I will say to the young man of a bartender. "OMG GLENLIVET SHOTS".

One can only hope


Anonymous said...

i absolutely can't wait to have absinthe with you and see what debauchery we can get into. lots, i'm sure. <3 danielle

Sarah said...

definitely! an epic night to kick of the summer!

clipper829 said...

As I am only incrementally "later in life" than you, I'm not sure I can really speak to this, but speaking for myself, when I am at fabulous cocktail parties (not often enough) I usually end the night with "OMG SHOTS" of some kind.

So I think you will continue in this vein!

kate.d. said...

you know, i had never had watermelon vodka until last spring, when my friend was in town, and i resumed my dormant fag hag duties as we went out and hit the gay bars.

seriously, that stuff is dangerous. so sweet! and yet still so 80 proof! i think i had six doubles on the rocks in the course of about 3 hours (note to self, keeping pace with a guy twice your size is not really a good idea), and had a hangover to beat the band the next day.

damn those gays and their delicious drinks.

Sarah said...

it IS surprisingly delicious. friday was the first night i ever had it. i was expecting to wince (as i do after most shots of vodka) but instead i was like "god damn!". good thing we were leaving or i would have been in even more trouble than i already was!

Lys said...

Sarah - new drink/mission for you - Cable Car Martini... So good...

I'll be on the hunt for some absinthe in Vegas... any other suggestions?