Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If you have gmail, then you must be familiar with the gmail chat feature which frankly I can't live without (it's kind of like AIM but when you are logged into gmail, you are automatically logged into chat). Anyway, Danielle and I have lengthy conversations daily on gmail chat and these conversations consist of mostly bitching, and mostly bitching about work.

I realized the other day that these conversations, these musings if you will, are actually quite poetic and should be shared with the world.

So below please find the first installment of Gmail Chat Poetry, comprised entirely of lines from our gmail chat conversations.

here is what i hate, pt two
when i heat up a lean cuisine and 2 minutes later someone comes in with tons of free sandwiches left over from a meeting


it smells like dirty diapers in the breakroom again


i am just having a boredom induced seizure


that fucking whore is singing jesus songs again
the mail is late
and you KNOW how i feel about that

there is banana bread in the suite down the hall
but i dont feel like going down there

i could
eat the hell
out of a burrito....
.........................right now

i'm too lazy to even read myspace

i seriously cannot be bothered to be at work

i would eat the crap out of a lunchable

i could use some booze, got any of that?

how do you spell hoard?
(….in your case? whored!)

i just got the stupidest job ever. rolling god damn coins

the meeting was fun!
there were muffins and streudel

this week is DRAGGING

i am doing someone else's job for them because they are so retarded they cant handle doing it

i just put together some huge ass binders

if i didnt work with her, she would be the kind of person to whom i say "eat a dick"

kill this day.





Anonymous said...

i am crying. i'm not lying. so funny. this one is great

"i just got the stupidest job ever. rolling god damn coins"

i remember that day. in fact, i have to bring those coins to the bank right now! most of these are said by you. genious! <3 danielle

Sarah said...

you are wrong! most of them are YOURS.

we are a good poetry team.

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

LOL!! the hoard/whored thing is an instant CLASSIC!! WELL DONE, LADIES!!

e$ said...

you know what?

I think I love you.

ka-rista said...

Thanks for making my morning.

My boss just hired his 30 year old son.

Its his first week and he already crashed his system downloading music.

Keep the laughs coming, please.

Norwego said...

I am obsessed with the Gmail Chat feature. It is only the greatest invention EVAR. All communication, all the time.

Sarah said...

oh yeah!!! gmail chat is a neccesity in life. i could not get through a work day without it!