Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And as an added bonus to today's Summer Solstice, Neiman Marcus is having their fabulous Summer Sale with things as much as 60%-75% off

There is lots to see and save on. Including the Kate Spade bag this blog design is based on

Still not marked down enough for me, but it's fun to look around and you may even come across something you never know you needed but Must Have.

I love when that happens.


kim said...

what can i say? it just makes me very, very jealous because i KNOW how shopping in the US ROCKS compared to here. all of the sales going on *sigh*. i'm crossing my fingers for more price-droppings on your kate spade bag :)

Sarah said...

thanks kim!! knowing my luck i won't get it until the end of the summer..but there is always next summer right!?