Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today is a good day because:

--It's my celebrity boyfriend's birthday! Happy birthday A.M. Even though you are 53, you are still the hottest ever.

--Tonight they are tapping the new Hefeweizen at the Braintree Rock Bottom. This should further my beer education since I do love me some wheat beers, and the brewmaster Scott is hilarious, he always puts on a good show when they introduce a new beer to the menu. Not to mention the fact that burgers are 1/2 price for Mug Club members on Wednesdays, and a Mug Club member I am (well, Adam and I are).

-- I didn't have time to get lunch on my lunch break because I was too busy shoe shopping, and by shoe shopping I mean crying because for some inexplicable reason today size 9 was too small but size 9.5 was too big in every shoe I tried on. WHY!? And then I came back pouting to my office with no shoes and no lunch, I happily realized that I have a Lean Cuisine meal in the freezer that I bought last week and forgot about. SCORE. And incidentally, the mushrooms on the Lean Cuisine Deluxe Pizza for One are the only mushroom that I can tolerate. I wonder if this means they are fake.

-- I remembered about Ebay today. I am not a frequent Ebay-er, I much prefer the instant gratification of actual shopping. And lately I have been craving a zebra handbag. I know some people cannot handle the zebra but I love the zebra. And everywhere I look I can only find the skinny striped kind that gives you a headache if you look at it too long. I dabbled with the idea of buying this one, but really I needed the black to be black, and not brown. So I resigned myself to a zebra printed handbag-less summer until I a coworker said "Have you checked Ebay?". Of COURSE. Hello Janine Smith Zebra bag, you will be mine.

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