Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Universal Truths

*If I get my car washed, it will, without fail, rain the next day.

*If there is no line at the Dunkin Donuts drive through, I will realize I forgot my wallet when I get to the window.

*If I am wearing a light colored top, I will always somehow manage to spill my morning coffee on me even though I hardly ever do that and even though it is virtually impossible with the Dunks "spill proof" top.

*If I buy something on the sale rack that is marked "As Is" but has no percievable blemishes or holes. I will notice when I am actuallly WEARING it in public that there is a big tear down the side that only a blind person could have missed.

So, that's how I am rolling this 'bout you?


Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

Oh no!! Sorry girl!! I love your "universal truths" though! ;-) btw, due to the uh... bird situation, I almost got my car washed yesterday!! Good thing I didn't, I suppose!

e$ said...

I'm right there with you - light colored BCBG tank top had a run-in with hazelnut from the irish bakery and now I look like a drooler.

kim said...

my bosses are on an convention, my colleague is still sick (and has been for a week now) and i don't know how to get all that work done by myself. happy tuesday. at least here it's almost over with... jeeesh!

PS: i WISH i had a dunkin donuts. or krispy kreme. or a starbucks. just...anything!!!

Chris said...

As far as the light-colored top thing goes, my own personal variation is this:

"When the copier requires a toner cartridge change, I will be wearing nice clothes."

Sarah said...

AMEN, chris!

Z. Hendirez said...

There are no tears in clothing, just previously-missed fashion enhancements.

Lindsay said...

Oh girl, we know thats how you roll, aight?

Tonight I have beer and Days of our Lives TiVo'd.

Yeah, I said it. Jealous?