Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Question of the day:

Do you ever feel like someone is speaking in a British accent JUST to be annoying?

I love Great Britain, don't get me wrong. And the week I spent in London remans one of the funnest/funniest weeks of my life. And I like a British accent on such induviduals as Emma Thompson and Colin Firth. But sometimes, certain people with the accent just seem to be doing it to sound snooty and/or onboxious.

Can you imagine if I lived in England? Coming into work after a long commute like "EVERYONE is trying to get on my nerves today"

Oh wait, I do that now anyway.


AnnaB said...

Hey, I sent you an email yesterday. Did you get it?

Sarah said...

ahhh i just went hunting for it in the GD spam folder and found it. yay! i replied.

Matt said...

i love the british accent!!!

ryc on my site: adult life is wonderful. hell life is wonderful. It was just a philisophical thought on how as adults we seem to get caught up in everything.

kim said...

aww, that reminds me of that "friends" episode where phoebe's and monica's old pal from highschool who moved to the UK comes to visit and wants to hang out with them but they dread it because she says "mobile" and speaks with this really strong annoying fake british accent... and the way she dances... funny.

jeah, what was my point. i don't remember. just had to think of that episode.

Croaker said...

Ever chat with people from the UK? I swear they actually type with an accent. The use words like wot (what), arse, dunno, hiya, sod. It's like I can hear the accent as I read the words.

Sarah said...

a haha! "wot"? that is kind of precious.