Friday, April 21, 2006

Have you ever noticed that people get, like, offended if you don't wear jeans on "casual Friday"?

We all know that I am not big into jeans, I mean I wear them when appropriate but I am just a business casual kind of gal, what can I say? I never got into casual Friday all that much because my first job out of college was at a real estate firm on Newbury Street and nothing is more depressing (to me) than wearing jeans to work and then stepping out of the office and onto basically a fashion runway. It killed my jeans wearing spirit.

And in any case I am going out to dinner with my cousin right from work and wanted to dress up a bit.

But none of that matters. I have already been assailed a few times this morning with "Oh you're not wearing jeans?" (what do you want me to say? "Actually yeah, only they are black and not made out of denim!")and "FANCY" (note: i am wearing black pants and a nice top, not a ballgown).

Of course I probably wouldn't be bitching about it so much if I wasn't so wickedly hungover. Jenny and I went to Fuji (of course) last night for sushi and wine. And by wine I mean two bottles and two glass fulls. And that was inevitably followed by karaoke and more wine at The Cottage where I added "Lights" to my repertoire, and we discovered that taking requests from the audience is not the best of ideas. One woman asked us to sing "Band of Gold" for her (I guess she was not horrified at our butchering of Unwritten?), and as we were obliging her request I remembered that since my bout with bronchitis my voice is not what it used to be and I did that kind of singing where you can't hit the note, so you settle for the one just under it. And you think that lack of tone can be made up for with LOUDNESS.


Not Cute.

But totally fun.


ceece said...

yeah, I work in a very small office, and the dress code is very very lax. (our boss wears warm up pants and her tennis shoes everyday). Sometimes I feel like dressing nice, and am always assailed with the, "Oh were are you going, an interview?"

yeah never gets old.

Mandy said...

Ahh Thursday nights! Hello from your fellow wickedly hungover working girl in Missouri (who is wearing jeans to work today).

Sarah said...

the good news is one of the VPs just brought in a TON of leftover pasta from a party the execs had last night. is there any better cure for a hangover than carbs? i think not!

Flim Flam Man said...

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