Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don't let the fact that I am posting twice in one day fool you, I am crazy busy at work today.

But, that aside.

I helped myself to a large coffee after lunch, and a co worker just surprised me with an iced coffee, and thus I am so hopped up on caffeine now that everything is a little funny to me. Even things that are really not that funny said by people whom I should never laugh at under any circumstances, especially if I am laughing about what I am laughing about now.

You see, everyone here has a mailbox in the main office. And the mail box serves as sort of a catch-all for any document anyone wants to give anyone without actually walking to their desk. So often times, people (executives, assistants, VPs, what have you) will be walking down the hall together and mention something they have that they might put into the other person's mailbox. In these situations, one might have occasion to hear phrases like this:

"It's ok, just shove it in my box"
"Will this fit in my box?"
"My box is chock full today!"
"Do you mind if I just put this in your box?"

I am crying.


AmyD said...

Hahahaa! Oh my God, I would die. Either I would snort so loud that I'd end up fired, or I would die from holding in the laughter, hence my brain would explode.

Seriously, don't these people KNOW the words that are coming (hehehe...I said "coming") out of their mouth are just...wrong?

Jeezus, I'm not fit for society.

alisa said...

Giggle. It reminds me of a song that Jeff's college group sang.

"My mailman is happy and gay because he comes twice a day, he's your mailman. Plays with your knockers, rings your bell gee he really thinks your swell, he's your mailman. He can come in any weather because his bags are made of leather. He doesn't mess with keys or locks he just sticks it in your box, he's your mailman."

AnnaB said...

Hey you, check your box. I sent you an email about Easter. Hee!

The Pink Kitty said...

heheh I'd certainly be giggling non stop with all that kind of talk around the office.