Monday, March 06, 2006

You know how you may ridicule people for doing something, but then you go ahead and do the same thing and it still doesn't make you feel bad for ridiculing someone else for doing it, because you figure you at least have an excuse?


What I mean to say is, I hate when people leave items at the self checkout counter. How lazy can you be? And food shopping is not like shoe dont' get to the cashier and think "I really don't need another avocado". At least I don't. And don't even get me started on people who leave huge bundles up there like diapers or 24 pack toilet paper. And I should mention there is a bin about 5 feet from the self checkout counter for people to put unwanted to leave them on/around the checkout area is ridiculous. It's not like you have to walk your Organic Caesar Dressing buying ass to the salad aisle just take 5 steps and chuck it in a bin. Easy as pie.

Anyway, this is how I always felt about it.

And then today I was picking up a few items for tonight and I was running SUPER late and I was late from lunch a few times last week so I am trying to pull it together and get everything done in a timely fashion. I brought my basil and coffeemate and eggs and one sweet red pepper to the counter and was scanning everything through when I realized my pepper was horribly bruised. So i put it down on the counter and went to pay for my other stuff, meaning to grab it on my way out and chuck it into the bin as I walked by.

But of course I forgot.

And I might have forgotten about it completely but as I was leaving, some nice (and by nice i mean psychotic and challenged) young man hadn't stepped in front of me and said "Ma'am..your pepper!" really loudly.

"Oh yeah" I mumbled (super guilty), "I actually don't want it, it's all bruised".

Crazy Man starts grumbling about "don't take it if you don't want to buy it" and then picks it up, looks at it for a second and tells/yells at me "it's not even that bruised".

Are you kidding me?

"Yeah well its your problem now" I said, and walked my pepper-leaving self out of the store and away from the angry man holding what I PROMISE was a severly bruised pepper.

Oh yeah, and I have definitely mentioned this Crazy Man before. I am at least glad that despite his anger at the self-checkout using world, he is still able to hold onto a job.

And maybe next time I see someone leave a piece of fruit or a bottle of dressing at the counter, I won't shoot them a nasty look and roll my eyes. But will instead smile and secretly hope that Crazy Man is around, and that he notices.


J-Mo said...

I'm still at the shoot them a nasty look stage, but maybe one say i'll be stuck with a bruised pepper at the counter in which case i'll change my view like you.

The Pink Kitty said...

if you don't want a bruised pepper, then you don't want it. Crazy Man didn't have to get all crazy ;)