Monday, March 06, 2006

I am still bleary eyed and reeling from the gorgeous glamour explosion from last night. it ended early enough (11:30ish) but I was then so wound up from the suspense and all the vintage dresses that I couldn't sleep until after 1!

Let's see.....(via

hate john galliano...but love charlize too much to really hate this dress.

perfect. simply perfect. and this is the kind of Dior i can get behind

i say ethereal. andy says "cracked out". tomato, tomato (wait...that doesn't really work unless you say it out loud....)

love the brooch. and love the black tie..i much prefer a black suit with a regular length black tie as opposed to a tux & bow tie although i think a bow tie has it's time and place

and that place is on Clooney.

so to recap: so glad Reese won, Brokeback was robbed, Ang Lee is the cutest, poor Lauren Bacall, and I really wish Jennifer Garner fell.


Nicky said...

I thought it was absolutely impossible to make Charlize look bad. Thanks for proving me wrong, Galliano. I mean, you put one of Hollywood's most beautiful women in a black trashbag with a wad of fabric on her shoulder??? I thought she had a small black dog sitting up there at first! Reese (who understands her body type very well) as always, looked stunning. You'll never see her in a trashbag! (o;

Sarah said...

galliano is a scary man. christian dior is probably rolling in his grave.

Amy said...

You forgot...Naomi Watts and her Santino made garmet!

Sarah said...

i didn't mention it because i thought it was hideous!

Jaime said...

mmmmm...clooney. i have loved him since roseanne.

i thought charlize's dress was atrocious. even if you took away the giant shoulder bow it didn't seem to fit properly or flatter her at all.

nicole kidman and naomi watts are 2 of the whitest people in hollywood. i don't understand why they both insist on being the same color from head to toe. a richer blonde and/or a dress in any color please!

kate.d. said...

oh my god, i thought uma thurman looked fantastic. she's one of those people that i always thought "eh," but last night she looked really good.

and terrence howard should've ditched the prom-style boutonniere and just gone with the brooch.

and as for jennifer garner, you've gotta admit - "i do my own stunts" was a great save!

Norwego said...

Poor Lauren Bacall, that was very sad to watch!

Kiera stole the show. I wanted to rip that necklace off of her and run away with it. Kudos to her stylist.

Jada also looked fantastic in the jewel tone bright blue. Love her.

KO said...

I really wish Garner had worn a bra. Jesus, lady, babies make your boobs big, we know, no need to flop 'em about like that. And what about Alba? Must they all get sucked in by Skeletor syndrome? But I thought Salma Hayek looked the hottest. Damn!

Sarah said...

AMEN to salma hayak! me-ow! and Kiera too looked amazing. I was impressed.

NWJR said...

IMHO, if you wear a tuxedo, you wear a bow tie or a silk Ascot. Simple as that.

And yes, two eternal truths are:

• It's impossible to make Charlize Theron look bad
• Ditto for Uma Thurman

And Hillary Swank in that black Versace? Oh. My. As Andy Ihnatko wrote: "Hilary Swank appears, wearing the sort of dress that makes all the men in the audience think the same phrase: You know, she's separated from her husband now...' "

Sarah said...

i think seeing ryan seacrest in a tux just ruined it for me. and i enjoy an ascot. i also enjoy how Morgan Freeman tucks them into his shirt. It suits him.

The Pink Kitty said...

I have to say that I absolutely adore Reese! She looked great. Naomi Watts' dress was AWFUL (in my opinion). Just awful

Frankie said...

Ha! I am glad I am not the only one who really wanted Garner to fall!