Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There are certain personality types I cannot stand:

*The Misguided Lothario: especially those who interrupt a conversation between two women at a bar and act like they have been part of the coversation the whole time. If you want to buy me a drink, do so from the other end of the bar, the grown-ups are talking here. *

*The "I Spent a G" guy/girl of which you are all aware by now.

*And last but not least, Debbie Downer

You know the type, always full of doom and gloom, walks around pouting so unsuspecting folks will ask "What's wrong!" only to be exposed to a litany of complaints ranging from the fact that their coffee is too strong to the notion that there is no purpose in life, and we are all just waiting around for the sweet release of death.

What I am noticing, however, is how funny it is to observe a Debbie Downer in action when you are not the one having direct contact with her. It's actually QUITE amusing.

Yesterday I was in a little gift shop that I frequent (because you know one can never have too many pink post its and sequinned faux flowers to hang in one's cubicle) and I happen to have met the Debbie Downer who works there on her first day a few months ago when I engaged briefly in a conversation with her about how because her husband is screwing her in their divorce, she is being forced to work although she loathes it, and have since avoided all interaction with her.

But, you know her coworkers don't have the blissful escape that I do, as a customer. They are stuck with her all day. And I swear they are more haggard and worn down for it.

Consider this exchange I was privy to yesterday, when I was in there perusing the new picture frames

Debbie Downer(appropos of nothing as usual): So, my mother is probably gonna have to be put in a home.
Coworker(immediately starts looking for something to do): Oh, I'm sorry about that.
Debbie Downer: Yeah she is not doing well anymore. I almost hope she passes before it comes to that. She never wanted to be in a home.
Coworker: That's too bad
Debbie Downer: And my sister refuses to pay for any of it so the burden has fallen on me entirely and since the divorce you know I am not even doing that well
Coworker(frantically, at me) Ma'am can I help you?
Me (gleefully): No I am all set. Thank you!
Debbie Downer: Did I mention I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

So maybe my relaying my glee at other people's exposure to Debbie Downer has made you add "Girl Who Delights in the Discomfort of Others" to your own list of Personality Types you hate.

But I can't help it. As someone who has been cornered by many a Debbie Downer in my day (how about the cashier at the liquor store last night who confided to me that her son in law is the most aggravating person on the face of the earth and is slowly ruining her and her daughter's life?), I take these small victories where I can find them.

*I am not saying a lady can't accept a drink from a gentleman from time to time, but it is impolite to interrupt someone else's conversation, and it is unwise to assume that every lady at a bar is in search of gentleman company. but that is a julia sugarbaker rant for another time.


Anonymous said...

Only mildly related at best, but the Debbie Downer Skit at Disneyland with Lindsay Lohan when everyone just completely looses it... one of the best snl skits ever... in my mind second only to the original Jeffrey's with Sean Hayes... both must-sees

Sarah said...

i love them both!! it makes me laugh even more when the actual cast/host lose their shit too!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I also used to work with a Debbie Downer, and she sat right next to me. Luckily, the woman on the other side of her cube took the brunt of the complaints and I only had to listen to her threats to quit because she didn't have her own printer, or because her boss wanted her to go through files, etc. My DD was a different breed... The Debbie Downer SNOB, who was above everything and everyone. One of the many things I do not miss about my old job.
- Sask.

Jaime said...

oh how i love julia sugarbaker! i could totally go for some designing women right about now

e$ said...

occasionally the chashiers at Marty's definitely go into "overshare" mode, that's for sure.

Nicky said...

OMG! PJ and I are ALWAYS talking about how someone is a Debbie Downer. I actually called Ryan that the other day over the phone! (o: