Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So, I tend to be a little disorganized.

Shocking, right?

There are patterns in the chaos but overall the natural state of being of my "stuff" is to be strewn about where only I can find it. I'm working on this, but with a small apartment it is even harder to attempt to stay organized. And after one and a half years in my current apartment I am ready to ask for help.

Now, I won't burden you with my shoe/handbag solution because the 6 ft tall shoe rack/under the bed rubbermaid bins are solving those catastrophes for now. And my clothes were always an issue even when I lived at home and had tons of room. I manage to always find room for more dishes/wineglasses/kitchen appliances so that is not the real issue.

The real issue are my HBAs (health and beauty aides)

I know in that picture they look pretty in innocuous but 1) i had JUST spent 20 minutes organizing and 2)after that picture was taken, Adam's sister in law gave me two huge bags of Matrix hair products and OPI nail polish and various lotions.

I am limited to the space shown for ALL of these products. There is literally no other room to put anything. I keep my rollers/curles/hair applainces above the cabinet so at least those are not taking up too much precious space. But i need organizational help and I need it now. I have too much makeup to keep it all in a bag like my mother suggests, and I switch up which body lotion and/or hair product I use on a regular basis depending on my mood so everything needs to be readily accesible.

Does California Closets do cabinets?

So I just want some advice on how you stay organized in this department. Especially from people who live in apartments and have space issues anyway.


Anonymous said...

My hubby and I live in a 650 square foot apartment. I found that one of those over-the-toilet space savers works wonders. All my HBA's are organized in wicker baskets, keeping under the sink clear for hairdryers, etc.
Love you blog! I don't have one, so I have to post as "anonymous".
-CT Girl

Sarah said...

thanks!! :-) we actually have one of those etageries and I use SOME of it for the products i use every day...but maybe I should just take over that area a little more. I'm sure Adam would LOVE that ;-)

Nicky said...

I agree - I am a complete disaster. PJ and I had zero bathroom cabinets in the old apartment, so we had to get creative. PJ was sick of not being able to find the sink. CT Girl is absolutely right. I too have and over-the-toilet space saver with lovely wicker baskets on them. Mine have cloth liners. They're terribly cute and effective. Beauty products are perhaps the only area where I am organized. My nailpolishes live in my ancient Caboodles, by the way. Remember those? Still helpful after all these yrs!

Sarah said...

i like this big wicker basket idea. and i LOVED caboodles. I actually had a different version of it called Sassaby but it was bright pearly pink and HUGE and so awesome. i wish i still had it!

clipper829 said...

Do you have room for a small cabinet type thing in the bathroom? In our old apartment, we did have over the toilet storage where I put some of my stuff, but I mostly ended up keeing most of my stuff in wicker baskets on my bureau and doing makeup, etc in the bedroom. I kept my flat iron/hairdryer under the sink.

Our bathroom here is really tiny, but I was able to fit a free standing cabinet next to the sink, with 5 shelves in it (its really small, though) - and I keep all my stuff in there.

Sarah said...

i think i may have to do some investigative research about getting a small cabinet. the thing is that not only is the space small but we use it really poorly. like there is a free standing set of drawers in there that hold all of our sheets that could probably be moved if i bothered to think about where else to put it. i feel like my organizational problem is conquerable now though, so thanks ladies!

Anonymous said...

Maybe try heading to The Container Store before you make the plunge for cabinets. Usually, I'll wander around there, and $300 later, I've found an ENTIRE NEW WAY TO ORGANISE EVERYTHING I'VE EVER THOUGHT OF! :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm a mom and in no way will this be an attractive way of organizing but the gladware faux tupperware things are great for keeping things neat. They have the salad rectangle ones that are say 11 X 5 that you could stack on top of each other. throw all related items together and grab when you need it..slap the lid back on and stuff back in the cabinet.

Anna said...

Damn you Samantha!!! Curse you all to hell!! You've created a monster!

kim said...

first off the basket-thing is a great start actually. i have baskets and boxes and cups for most of my stuff all over my apartment :)

then in my tiny bathroom most of my every-day-makeup that fits is on a shelve above the sink in cups. i also have two small cabinets [see here] and then i have two IKEA boxes [the smaller ones of this set of 3] on top of the washing machine for "stuff" in don't use all the time...

uh and also: one of those organizers that you can hang inside your door with tons of pockets... love those :)

overall: a reason for a trip to IKEA if you ask me :D