Friday, March 03, 2006

If you are like me, meaning are you fascinated with super-filthy-crazy-rich people, then you should check out the Forbes Richest People of 2005 List.

They are not exactly the hottest lights on the tree ( I am serious, Bill Gates is the best looking one. And look at this dude's teeth )

But still, billions and billions of dollars can make a gal forget about things like clean teeth and eyes that both face forward.

I feel like Holly GoLightly pickin' out my next husband!


clipper829 said...

You lower those appearance standards, girlfriend. For real. But honestly, why not just get the teeth fixed, Bill?

Nicky said...

The question I have is where are their billion dollars going? Honey, it don't take nuthin but $20 to get your ass some Crest White Strips and fix your grill! Billionaire or no, do not date a man who does not have a handle on oral hygene. If he doesn't are enough to fix what's sitting in his face, just imagine what his HIDDEN parts look like. EW!

Sarah said...

nicky you make me weep.

in a GOOD way!

Okgirl Speaks said...

Someone rob the jewelry store and tell them to make him a grill! Gag, I think anything would look better than what he has. ACK!

adena said...

#9 is my old boss.

He embodies all things evil.