Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I believe that one cannot help what one is drawn to. The inate desires we feel are so hard to rebel against, in many cases it is simply futile to try and do so.

For some this means turning to drugs.

For others, promiscuity.

For me, it is much, much worse.

I have a deep, uncontrollable passion for old lady perfume.

You know the kind. It's probably on your grandmother's dresser. It has been around forEVER. The ladies sitting in front of you at church smell like it. If someone in your general vicinity is weaaring a faux bun they probably are wearing it.

In my particular case, I am the most fond of Estee Lauder's Youth Dew, and 4711 (not sure who makes it). And the reason I know that it can be classified as an Old Lady Perfume is not that my mother and grandmother wore it, but because when I wear this scent I get about 5 compliments from men throughout the day.

And not one of them is ever under 60.

Combine this with the fact that my favorite radio station is Oldies 103.3, and most of my favorite movies were made before 1968 and I think we have a trend on our hands

It's cool though. I don't think of myself as old fashioned...just ahead of my time.

About 40 years ahead.


clipper829 said...

At least you are not wearing Jean Nate.

katie said...

Yep. My mother has worn Youth Dew since she was 14 (now 54). Apparently there is some new variation of it, but she is sticking by the original. It does smell really good though!

Sarah said...

give me a few years, Erin!

clipper829 said...

I actually like Jean Nate. *hides*

Sarah said...

LOL Erin don't hide! I do too. And i think in general the whole idea of an apres-shower body splash is nice.