Friday, February 24, 2006

A Gendered Look at Aging

What female coworkers have to say about my impending birthday:

*I wish I was 26 again
* You have your whole life ahead of you
* Sigh
*Being in your twenties is so great

What male coworkers have to say:

*The clock is ticking!
*You're not married yet?
*When I was your age I was married and had 2 kids
*By the time I was your age I already had three kids and a vasectomy.


Anonymous said...

What I hate is when they say "you are still a baby!"
When are we 20-something's considered "adults"? I'm going to be 29 and still get that comment!

Nicky said...

I agree, Anonymous Poster! If you've put a roof over your own head and are paying your own electric, phone, gas bills (etc) - I think you deserve to be welcomed into Adult Land.

Sarah said...

i haven't even had a vasectomy yet! how can i be considered adult?


Natalie said...

happy early birthday, you wonderfully fabulous girl!!!!

clipper829 said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Hello-I-Am-Fabulous!
(we still totally need those t-shirts. Where is Jenny!)

Hope you have a FABULOUS day, and please, have a few drinks for me!

xoxo - Erin

kate.d. said...

two things: happy belated birthday, and that vasectomy one cracked me up.

driving through central indiana over thanksgiving (i know, indiana...shudder), i saw a huge billboard for "Vasectomy Reversal!". i am almost peed myself from laughing.