Monday, January 16, 2006

Today marks the end of one of the shoppingest weekends I have had in a long time.

And is it me or do you spend the most money when you have no intention of spending any at all? I also think I have MUCH better luck finding things I actually like when there is no pressure to find any such thing. Like when I actually go "dress shopping "I never find anything. But if I just go "shopping" than I luck out left and right.

Saturday, Adam headed off to a hockey game (which I did not attend since I attended SO MANY baseball and hockey games in our first year and a half of dating that I consider myself exempt for at least another year or so) anyway I did not have any concrete plans to spend my day so after 1 hour of flipping channels, picking through magazines, painting my nails, I called up my mom and 10 minutes later we were off on our shopping excursion. We went to the Talbot's outlet where I bought a green topaz ring, black peep toe pumps, and no less than three dresses, two of which are LBDs because am I wrong or can you never have enough Little Black Dresses? I also came to grips with the fact that the more my social calender is filled, the more clothes I buy. Instead of doing what I usually do, and cruising the aisles thinking "Ok, I really need a red v-neck" I instead cruise around thinking "Ok, i need something for dinner at Stella next week, and something for Valentine's Day, and something or that dinner party with my parents" because God forbid I wear something I own. That would neccesitate actually looking through my closet which to be honest is in such a state right now I may just seal it off and start over.

Anyway, we spend the remainder of the day split between Homegoods, Building 19 and the Christmas Tree shops. So of course I came home with the most random assortment of spices, socks, a hanging plant, a shower liner and bread mixes and fish food. Oh and candle holders.

And yesterday Adam and I went mattress shopping and while we could not agree on a mattress we did order a new coffee table, two new end tables and lamp. Because I love these tables to much, of COURSE there is no picture of them on line. But they are so elegant: Removeable glass top, wrought iron, and a shelf about 2.5 feet below the glass top made out of slate. I love them so much I am debating throwing a cocktail party in their honor. That's probably a little weird.

Anyway, I have today off and I actually can't do anymore shopping because someone broke the lock in the front AND back door of my apartment building, so if I leave I may not be able to get back in so until my landlord deigns to send someone over, it's just me and Sex and the City season 4.

So at least if I can't go shopping myself I can watch a show about other people shopping.


Jaime said...

season 4 is my favorite! i love aidan!

Sarah said...

i love aidan too!!! screw big!

clipper829 said...

You could, of course, always shop online!

Sarah said...

erin, you make a very good point

Anonymous said...

i love big! there are aiden girls and there are big girls. i just LOVE chris noth. you know how it goes. <3 danielle

Lys said...

And, if you shop online, make sure you get paid for it ;) Gotta love some of those sites that pay a girl for her shopping addictions.